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Page Avenue
Page Avenue.jpg
Studio album by Story of the Year
Released September 16, 2003
Recorded 2003 at Foxy Studios, Marina del Rey, California.
Genre Post-hardcore, punk rock[1]
Length 41:47
Label Maverick
Producer John Feldmann
Story of the Year chronology
Story of the Year
(2002)Story of the Year2002
Page Avenue
Live In the Lou/Bassassins
(2005)Live In the Lou/Bassassins2005
Singles from Page Avenue
  1. "Until the Day I Die"
    Released: August 12, 2003
  2. "Anthem of Our Dying Day"
    Released: April 13, 2004
  3. "Sidewalks"
    Released: October 5, 2004

Page Avenue is the debut studio album by Story of the Year. It is one of the first post-hardcore albums to be certified Gold by the RIAA


"Until the Day I Die" was released to radio on August 12, 2003.[2] Page Avenue was released September 16, 2003, through Maverick Records. The singles released were "Until the Day I Die" and "Anthem of Our Dying Day". The album is named after a stretch of road in St. Louis, Missouri. Page Avenue was mastered using HDCD. Although it is unmarked, playing the album in a CD player able to decode HDCD will give superior sound quality.[3] "Anthem of Our Dying Day" was released to radio on April 13, 2004.[2] In September and October 2004, the band headlined the 2004 edition of the Nintendo Fusion Tour, which also featured Lostprophets, My Chemical Romance, Letter Kills, Anberlin and Autopilot Off.[4] "Sidewalks" was released to radio on October 5, 2004.[2]


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating 77%[5]
AllMusic 3/5 stars[6]

The album peaked at number 51 on the Billboard 200 charts.[7] The album has been certified gold in sales by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Dan Marsala and Adam Russell, all music composed by Story of the Year

No. Title Length
1. "And the Hero Will Drown" 3:13
2. "Until the Day I Die" 3:55
3. "Anthem of Our Dying Day" 3:37
4. "In the Shadows" 3:28
5. "Dive Right In" 3:15
6. "Swallow the Knife" 3:36
7. "Burning Years" 3:07
8. "Page Avenue" 3:37
9. "Sidewalks" 3:34
10. "Divide and Conquer" 3:04
11. "Razorblades" 3:23
12. "Falling Down" (featuring Ray Cappo, John Feldmann and Toby Morse; includes hidden track) 3:58
Total length: 41:47

Enhanced Material

  • 3 behind-the-scenes videos
  • "Until the Day I Die" music video
  • Band photos
  • Links to more exclusive content



Page Avenue: 10 Years and Counting[edit]

Page Avenue: 10 Years and Counting
Remix album by Story of the Year
Released October 8, 2013
Recorded Early 2013 at Hellhole Studios and Encapsulated Studios, St. Louis, MO
Genre Acoustic, alternative rock
Length 49:24
Label Self-released
Producer Matthew Amelung, Dan Marsala and Ryan Phillips
Story of the Year chronology
The Constant
(2010)The Constant2010
Page Avenue: 10 Years and Counting
Fifth studio album
(2017)Fifth studio album2017

On March 8, 2013, the band announced their hiatus was over and they will be touring worldwide to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut album Page Avenue. It was also stated that the band re-recorded Page Avenue, entitled Page Avenue: 10 Years and Counting with a release date on October 8, 2013.[10] Originally they planned it to be a full acoustic version of the album, but after the collaboration with City Spud during their concert in 2011 they decided to re-record the album with a different feel to each song rather than just acoustic versions. This version doesn't feature the songs "Burning Years" and "Falling Down".

This was the last recording to feature long-time bass guitarist, Adam Russell.

No. Title Length
1. "And the Hero Will Drown" (10 Year Version) 3:17
2. "Until the Day I Die" (10 Year Version) 4:03
3. "Anthem of Our Dying Day" (10 Year Version) 3:22
4. "In the Shadows" (10 Year Version) 3:13
5. "Dive Right In" (10 Year Version) 3:05
6. "Swallow the Knife" (10 Year Version) 3:42
7. "Page Avenue" (10 Year Version) 3:34
8. "Sidewalks" (10 Year Version) 3:24
9. "Divide and Conquer" (10 Year Version) 3:06
10. "Razorblades" (10 Year Version) 4:07
Total length: 30:39

Use in popular media[edit]

  • The song "And the Hero Will Drown" was featured in the video game Need for Speed: Underground.
  • The album cover can be seen as a poster in Lucas Scott's room in the TV series One Tree Hill.
  • A slightly different version of the song "Sidewalks" can be heard in the Jake Jagielski and Peyton Sawyer passion scene in episode 16, season 2 of One Tree Hill, and was featured on the show's original soundtrack, as well as in the video game Donkey Konga 2.
  • In the TV series Everybody Hates Chris, a Story of the Year sticker based on the album cover can be seen next to Chris's bedroom door.
  • The song "Until the Day I Die" was used in a trailer for the movie Friday Night Lights.


  • Although the album cover warrants a PARENTAL ADVISORY sticker, the album itself does not make use of any swearing or cursing.
  • The image on the front cover of the album is an upside-down satellite view of Downtown San Diego.
  • The album title is a reference to Missouri Route 364, which is located in the band's hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.
  • The song "Razorblades" was originally recorded as "Razorblades and Cupcakes" while they were still known as Big Blue Monkey.


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