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Page France
OriginCumberland/Hagerstown, Maryland, United States
GenresIndie folk[1]
Indie pop
Years active2004-2008
LabelsSuicide Squeeze Records
Fall Records
Associated actsThe Broadway Hush
Cotton Jones
Past membersClinton Jones
BJ Lewis
Bryan Martin
Whitney McGraw
Chris Morris
Michael Nau
Jasen Reeder
Matt Smith
David Tracy

Page France was an American indie folk-pop band that played melodic and emotional music. Their last record deal was with Suicide Squeeze Records, before the disbandment in 2008, because of band leader Michael Nau wanting to focus his full attention on Cotton Jones.

The band was started as a solo project in 2004 by Michael Nau, but quickly evolved into a full-time project with a somewhat revolving lineup of friends and collaborators. The band self-released their debut album, Come, I'm A Lion, which was then picked up by Fall Records. Their second album, Hello, Dear Wind, was also released by Fall Records, then later re-released by Suicide Squeeze.

The band released a double-EP on Fall Records in 2006, entitled Pear and Sister Pinecone. Immediately thereafter, the EP was abandoned and declared a "limited release" of 1,000 copies.[2]

A tour EP entitled Tomato Morning was sold on the band's tours in 2006.

Page France's last album and third full-length, ...and the Family Telephone, was released May 8, 2007 on Suicide Squeeze Records.

The songs "Chariot" and "Jesus", both from Page France's second album, Hello Dear Wind, were featured in the TV series Weeds.

The band has been characterized by some as Christian due to references in song lyrics and titles. However, lyricist Michael Nau counters: "The 'Christian band' inquiry wears me out, to be honest. As for the Christian symbols in my writing - sometimes I don’t even realize that they exist until someone points them out to me. There’s really no reason; it just rolled out that way." [1] Songs such as "Jesus", "What I Have Done", and "Bush" are among many that contain Christian symbols.

The Broadway Hush, Michael Nau's other side project, released 2 colored 7" records on Velvet Blue Music, which had the artwork done by Richard Swift.


Year Title Label
2004 Come, I'm a Lion self-released / Fall Records
2005 Hello, Dear Wind Fall Records / Suicide Squeeze Records
2006 Pear and Sister Pinecone (Double EP) Fall Records
2006 Tomato Morning (Tour EP) Suicide Squeeze Records
2007 ...and the Family Telephone Suicide Squeeze Records


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