Page of Cups

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Page of Cups from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck

Page of Cups (or Jack or Knave of Cups) is a card used in Latin suited playing cards which include tarot decks. It is part of what tarot card readers call the "Minor Arcana"

Tarot cards are used throughout much of Europe to play tarot card games.[1]

In English-speaking countries, where the games are largely unknown, Tarot cards came to be utilized primarily for divinatory purposes.[1][2]

Divination usage[edit]

This card can represent a sweet-natured child who loves home life and family but may struggle in school. This child enjoys the arts and is very spiritual. The child may be psychic.

This page has a powerful imagination, as well. Creativity and vision are among this person's blessings.

As a situation it represents an opportunity for artistic or creative learning and expansion.

In popular culture[edit]


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