Page of Swords

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Knave of Swords ("fante di spade") from an Italian deck

Page of Swords (or Jack or Knave of Swords) is a card used in Latin suited playing cards which include tarot decks. It is part of what tarot card readers call the "Minor Arcana"

Page of Swords from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck

Tarot cards are used throughout much of Europe to play tarot card games.[1]

In English-speaking countries, where the games are largely unknown, Tarot cards came to be utilized primarily for divinatory purposes.[1][2]

Divination usage[edit]

A sure-footed person who succeeds without flash. One who does not second guess decisions. Decisive action and control of oneself. The use of reason or eloquent speech to penetrate the veil of confusion and cut to the heart of the matter. She is also known to have a great interest in spying, snooping about, and learning the secrets of others.

Inverted: Fear causes plans to crumble. A person who is timid and cowardly. One who allows the opinions of others to interfere with their own ambition. She also has a tendency to invade other people's privacy, and use their secrets to work ruin against them. A warning about gossip.


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