Pago (volcano)

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Ulawun steam plume.jpg
Pago on the left
Highest point
Elevation 742 m (2,434 ft)
Coordinates 5°35′0″S 150°31′0″E / 5.58333°S 150.51667°E / -5.58333; 150.51667Coordinates: 5°35′0″S 150°31′0″E / 5.58333°S 150.51667°E / -5.58333; 150.51667
Location New Britain, Papua New Guinea
Age of rock 350 years ago
Volcanic arc/belt Bismarck volcanic arc
Last eruption May to July 2012

The volcano Pago is located East of Kimbe, West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea. Pago is a young post-caldera cone within the Witori Caldera. The Buru Caldera cuts the SW flank of the Witori volcano. Biggest eruptions were at 4000±200 BC, VEI 6, 10 cubic kilometres (2.5 mi.3); 1370±100 BC, VEI6, 30 km3 (7 mi.3); and 710±75 AD, VEI 6, 20 km3 (5 mi.3) of tephra.[1]