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Pahang FM
Pahang FM Logo.png
City Kuala Lumpur
Broadcast area West Malaysia (Pahang)
Slogan Satu Pilihan (One Option)
Frequency Varies depending on its region
First air date 15 October 1992; 24 years ago (1992-10-15)
Format Talk, contemporary hit radio
Language(s) Malay
Owner Radio Televisyen Malaysia
Sister stations Asyik FM, Bintulu FM, Johor FM,, Kedah FM, Kelantan FM, Keningau FM, KL FM, Labuan FM, Langkawi FM, Limbang FM, Malacca FM, Miri FM, Mutiara FM, Negeri FM, Perak FM, Perlis FM, RaSa FM, Red FM, Sabah FM, Sabah Vfm, Sandakan FM, Sarawak FM, Selangor FM, Sibu FM, Tawau FM, Terengganu FM, UFM and Wai FM

Pahang FM is a Malay language-radio station in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. It is maintained by the State Radio Televisyen Malaysia Pahang. It is broadcast from Kuala Lumpur throughout several of the country's cities.


A radio station was established in Pahang on July 1966 by the Government of Malaysia. In an effort to expand coverage in these areas, the station transmitting Kuala Lipis established in 1974 and completed in Depok on the year 1977. RTM, however transmission station in Jerantut AM 846 kHz is not connected to the RTM release Kuantan and eastern districts, with headquarters in Kuala Terengganu RTM instead just connect directly from the National Network RTM Kuala Lumpur. Stations Jerantut was closed on 1 April 1991. FM transmitting station was launched in Depok then connected to the RTM Kuantan broadcast. Recognising the power transmission capacity in just 10 Kilowatt Station Kuantan, then set up FM transmitters in Bukit Pelindung Mono Kuantan at the end of the year 1990 and in turn Bentung Gunung Ulu Kali in 1991. With OLTE system (Optical Line Terminal) installed on 15 October 1992. All broadcasts are received in monaural able to be followed in FM Stereo, almost the entire state can follow the travelling Pahang Kuantan.


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