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Pahang FC
Full name Pahang Football Club
Nickname(s) The Elephants (Tok Gajah)
Short name Pahang
Founded 1959; 57 years ago (1959) as Pahang FA
2016; 0 years ago (2016) as Pahang FC
Ground Darul Makmur Stadium
Ground Capacity 40,000
Chairman Tengku Abdul Rahman ibni Sultan Ahmad Shah
Coach Razip Ismail
League Malaysia Super League
2016 Malaysia Super League, 10th
Website Club home page

Pahang Football Club (Malay: Kelab Bola Sepak Pahang) is a Malaysia professional football club based in Kuantan, Pahang. The club was founded in 1959 to represent the state itself and has traditionally worn a yellow home kit since. In the beginning, their early home matches were held around the city public fields and outside Kuantan, predominantly around districts of Pahang.

The lowest point of the club was in 2012, as the club had been relegated to the Malaysian Premier League. With the collective morale support from the players and the fans, Pahang FC came back from the abysmal to the Malaysian Super League in 2013 after winning the play-off match against Kedah FA, just one season after being relegated.


The club has been established after the great support from locals who require a football team to represent Pahang in HMS Beagle. As the initiatives to the request, Sultan Abu Bakar has established a club known as Pahang FC. In the next year, the club begins with the preparation against another states before taking part for the first time in the HMS Beagle Cup. After a long time looking for the homeground, the Council of Kuantan announced the construction of a new stadium, Darul Makmur Stadium in 1970.

Led by legendary Jamal Nasir, Pahang FC won the first cup in 1983 when they won the Malaysia Cup, the most prestigious tournament in Malaysia football after a win over Selangor FA in the tournament, breaking the long duopoly of Selangor FA and Singapore FA and also became the first East Coast team to win it. Nonetheless, the most successful era was in 90s, when the club successfully entered the final of Malaysia Cup 4 times eventhough they only succeed once in 1992. The 1992 was the best year when the club won the double, the Malaysia Cup and the league. Pahang FC in that year was touted as the Dream Team when several high-profile players played for the club with the like of Dollah Salleh, Zainal Abidin Hassan, Khairul Azman Mohamed, Abdul Mubin Mokhtar, Ahmad Yusof, Australian football legend, Alan Edward Davidson and Singapore football legend, Fandi Ahmad. The club successfully defeated Kedah FA in final stage to win the Malaysia Cup, thanks to the fastest goal ever in Malaysia Cup history by Zulhamizan Zakaria. Pahang FC was also the first winner of the newly formatted M-League in 2004. As one of the most successful football team in Malaysia from 1980–2007, Pahang FC had successfully produced many talented local players from the academy such as Khairul Azman Mohamed, one of the best goal keeper in Asia in the 1990s, the prolific striker, Azizul Kamaluddin, Mohd Fadzli Saari who played in SV Wehen Wiesbaden in Germany and Muhammad Juzaili Samion who was also played for the 4th division of Ligue 1 club, FCSR Haguenau in 2000.

In 2008, many players from talented young Shahzan Muda F.C. were absorbed into Pahang FC. In 2012, Pahang FC was playing in 2nd division of M-League. While in Premier League, Pahang FC showed great improvement in the 2012 season as they qualified for the Malaysia Cup quarter-finals. Pahang FC was also a Premier League runner-up in 2012, thus enable the club to play in the "play-off" matches for the promotion to the Super League. Pahang FC beat Kedah FA in the final of the "play-off" and had been promoted to Super League in 2013. In the year 2012, the club had to play in Temerloh Mini Stadium as the homeground for the first time after the Darul Makmur Stadium was put under renovation for the organisation of Sukma 2012. A year later, the club returned to Kuantan to play in newly renovated Darul Makmur Stadium and in the same year the lifted the Malaysia Cup for third time. Led by loyal serving captain, Jalaluddin Jaafar, they ended 21 years cup drought. By winning the cup, Zainal Abidin Hassan and Dollah Salleh had cemented their status as central figure of club history, as they won it as a player and as manager and coach respectively.




  • Winners (5): 1987, 1992, 1995, 1999, 2004


  • Winners (4): 1983, 1992, 2013, 2014
  • Winners (2): 2006, 2014
  • Winners (3): 1992, 1993, 2014

Performance in AFC competitions[edit]

AFC Champions League : 1989: Semi-final League (Group B)
AFC Champions League : 1994: withdrew in qualifying – 1st round
AFC Champions League : 1996: Round of 16 ( lost to Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma 2–5 on Argegate )
AFC Cup 2005: Group stage ( Group E )
AFC Cup 2007: Group stage ( Group F )
AFC Cup 2015: Quarter Final


The President of the association is held by Y.A.M. Tengku Muda Pahang Tengku Abdul Rahman Ibni Sultan Ahmad Shah, who replaced his brother K.D.Y.T.M Tengku Mahkota Pahang Tengku Abdullah ibni Sultan Ahmad Shah for 2007–10 session. Meanwhile, Pahang State Finance Officer, YB Datuk Seri Muhammad Safian Ismail was elected to the vice-president position. Both the president and his deputy won their posts uncontested, after the previous president, K.D.Y.T.M Tengku Abdullah ibni Sultan Ahmad Shah decided not to run for re-election.

The general secretary, Mr. Fuzzemi Ibrahim (2010–present), was appointed by committee.


Main article: Darul Makmur Stadium

Pahang FC are currently based at Darul Makmur Stadium in Kuantan, Pahang. The capacity of the stadium is 40,000 and also has a running track, in addition to the football field.[1]


Team Committee

  • President: Malaysia Y.A.M. Tengku Muda Pahang Tengku Abdul Rahman Ibni Sultan Ahmad Shah
  • Deputy President: Malaysia Datuk Seri Muhammad Safian Ismail
  • Vice-President 1: Malaysia Datuk Seri Zamry Ramli
  • Vice-President 2: Malaysia Datuk Jalaluddin Mohamed Deli
  • Committee Members: Malaysia Ahmad Salizam Ghazali
  • Committee Members: Malaysia Datuk Seri Mohd Zaini Saleh
  • Committee Members: Malaysia Samim Salimallah
  • Committee Members: Malaysia Datuk Taufik Razak
  • Committee Members: Malaysia Razab Wahab
  • Committee Members: Malaysia Adzland Zakaria
  • Committee Members: Malaysia Husniabidi Husin
  • Committee Members: Malaysia Raja Mustafa Shah Raja Jalil Shah
  • Committee Members: Malaysia Rosli Nordin
  • Committee Members: Malaysia S. Krishnan

Current coaching staff[edit]

  • Team Manager : Dato' Che Nasir B Salleh
  • Assistant Team Manager : Jalaludin Jaafar
  • Technical Coach : Fandi Ahmad
  • Head Coach : Razip Ismail
  • Assistant Head Coach : Ahmad Shaharuddin Rosdi
  • Coach : Azaruddin Aziz
  • Coach : Jalaluddin Jaafar
  • Goalkeeper Coach : Muadzar Mohamad
  • Fitness Coach : Mohd Hafiz Tajudin
  • Fitness Coach : Abdul Rahim Kadir Ku Jambu
  • Physio : Adam Zuhairy Zafri
  • Kit Man : Abdul Razak B Akil
  • U21 Manager : Dato' Jalaluddin Mohd Deli
  • U21 Head Coach : Fuzzemi Ibrahim
  • U21 Assistant Coach : Mohd Yazeed Hamzah
  • U21 Coach : Shahrulnizam Sahat
  • U21 Goalkeeper Coach : Syed Mohd Nasir Mat Akil
  • U21 Fitness Coach : Mohd Kaizai Zainuddin
  • U21 Physio : Mohd Mahyuddin Mohd Idris
  • U19 Manager : Abdul Razab Wahab
  • U19 Head Coach : Muhd Fahim Kow Abdullah
  • U19 Assistant Coach : Noor Azmi Mohamed
  • U19 Assistant Coach : Ali Tahar
  • U19 Goalkeeper Coach : Zureymi Majid
  • U19 Fitness Coach : Kow Hok Nam
  • U19 Physio : Mohd Nor Hafizan Abdul Hamit


First-team Squad[edit]

No. Name Nat. Pos.
1 Mohd Nasril Nourdin Malaysia GK
22 Saufi Mohamad Malaysia GK
25 Daniel Wafiuddin Sadun Malaysia GK
51 Helmi Eliza Elias Malaysia GK
2 Matthew Davies Captain Malaysia RB,RWB
3 Saiful Nizam Miswan Malaysia CB,RB,LB
4 Ridhwan Maidin Malaysia CB,DM
5 Claudio Meneses Chile CB,DM,LB,RB
14 Faisal Mohd Rosli Malaysia LB,LWB
20 Mohd Shahrizan Salleh Malaysia LB,LM,CM
30 Ashar Al-Aafiz Malaysia CB,RB
23 Jailton Brazil CB
24 R. Dinesh Malaysia LB,LWB,LM
6 D. Saarvindran Malaysia AM,CM,LM
7 Faisal Halim Malaysia LW, ST
8 A. Salamon Raj Malaysia CM,DM
10 Faysal Shayesteh Afghanistan MF,AM,ST
11 Nor Azam Abdul Azih Malaysia CM
16 Kogileswaran Raj Malaysia AM,ST
17 Rizua Shafiqi Malaysia RM, RW
18 Shah Amirul Zamri Malaysia CM, RM, RW
21 Helmi Abdullah Malaysia AM,CM
9 Pablo Vranjicán Argentina ST
13 Faizal Abdul Rani Malaysia ST
15 Amirul Kasmuri Malaysia ST
19 Mohd Fauzi Roslan Malaysia ST, LW
26 Mohd Shafie Zahari Malaysia ST

Development squad[edit]


As of 1 June 2016

The Pahang President's cup team or Young Elephant is a part of the President Cup Malaysia league team. The President Cup Malaysia is the football competitions in Malaysia for under-21 players. Since its inception, the President Cup Malaysia has been the major tournament for under-21 and under-23 players. In 2009, the format of the competition changes which only under-21 players are eligible for the tournament.

Jersey Name Nationality Position D.O.B
1 Muhammad Amirul Husni Husnizam Malaysia GK 20/6/96
22 Muhammad Yusuf Akma Mohd Nawi Malaysia GK 15/4/97
25 Muhammad Nur Kamarullah Khairul Saidi Malaysia GK 9/3/95
2 Muhammad Hariz Irffan Mohd Nazri Malaysia CB, RB, DM 21/11/95
4 Khairul Annas Ibrahim Malaysia RB/RWB 4/5/95
5 Muhammad Salahudin Sulong Malaysia CB 21/11/95
6 Amirul Hafizzudin Ahmad Shamsudin Malaysia CB 27/8/96
15 Mohd Hilmi Husaini Asmadii Malaysia LB/LWB/LM 16/3/95
16 Mohd Ikmal Ahwamuddin Malaysia RB/RWB 1996
18 Muhammad Jadid Ilias Malaysia CB 21/12/96
19 Muhammad Shahrul Nizam Mohd Nadzir Malaysia LB/LM/LWB 15/6/96
23 Muhammad Sharmin Izwan Mohd Suffian Malaysia CB 13/11/97
Sajrul Amat Ngadi Malaysia Bosnia and Herzegovina CB 1995
7 Muhammad Amirul Izwan Rosmadi Malaysia LM/ LW/ RM/ RW 13/1/96
8 Nik Muhammad Sharif Haseefy Mohd Lazim Malaysia AM, CM 30/5/97
10 Muhd Amirul Ahmad Nazri Malaysia CM 1997
12 Muhammad Zuhair Aizat Mohd Nazri Malaysia RM/ RW 1/10/96
17 Muhammad Asyraf Rojani Malaysia CM 28/7/97
21 Shazlan Zaidin Malaysia LW/ LM/ RW/ RM 26/7/96
24 Muhammad Wafiuddin Zulkifly Malaysia DM/ CM 1996
9 Muhammad Suqry bin Jaafar Sidek Malaysia ST 21/1/96
11 Muhammad Adam Mohd Zaki Malaysia ST 17/7/97
14 Muhammad Yusrin Zakwan Yusran Malaysia ST 1997
20 Mohd Zul Hafiz Zulkifli Malaysia ST 11/10/96

Source:[2] Source:[3]


As of 1 June 2016

Jersey Name Nationality Position D.O.B
1 Harinderen a/l Ramesh Malaysia GK 12/1/98
22 Fakhri Syahmi Badrul Malaysia GK 16/11/98
25 Mohd Faizal Abdul Isha Malaysia GK 13/5/98
3 Abdul Suhairil Idham Zahari Malaysia CB 9/1/98
4 Muhammad Fakrul Hakimi Abu Bakar Malaysia RB/RWB 23/3/98
5 Muhammad Amirul Asyraf Mohamed Malaysia CB 15/8/98
9 Muhammad Nur Solehin Shamsul Malaysia LB/LWB 28/3/98
12 Mohammad Badrul Amin Mohd Yusof Malaysia CB 11/7/97
13 Muhammad Nur Amirul Mohd Nizam Malaysia RB/RWB 2/10/98
15 Ahmad Aminudin Aiman Abdul Rahim Malaysia CB 24/12/97
16 Muhammad Fakrul Kadarisman Malaysia CB 27/6/97
2 Tuan Afif Nasrullah Tuan Hazahar Malaysia LM/ LW/ RM/ RW 1997
6 Zurkanain Samsul (c) Malaysia DM, CM 1997
10 Mohd Haikal Hasbul Malaysia AM/CM 12/7/98
17 Muhammad Azul Anis Bakri Malaysia CM 1/7/98
18 Muhammad Akmal Fahmie Muhd Puat Malaysia RW/RM 12/3/98
19 Muhammad Hairul Iqmal Mohd Raffi Malaysia CM 20/12/98
20 Mohd Arisazri Juhari Malaysia LW/ LM 14/2/98
21 Danial Syakir Ahmad Shuhor Malaysia CM 8/2/97
23 Muhammad Khaiyum Mohd Khaimi Malaysia RW, RM 5/1/98
7 Muhammad Zulhisyam Zulkifli Malaysia ST 26/3/98
8 Muhammad Nur Izzat Che Awang Malaysia ST 2/1/98
11 Zainal Abidin Hamzah Malaysia ST 9/1/98
14 Noor Fahmizie Sabri Malaysia ST 13/11/97
24 Muhammad Khaffjji Abdul Majid Malaysia ST 1998


Team managers[edit]

Year Manager
1999 Tok Muda Talib Sulaiman
2000–03 Datuk Jamal Nasir Abdul Nasir Ismail
2004–05 Dato' Hajji Shahiruddin Abdul Moin
2006–07 Zainal Abidin Hassan
2008 Dato' Omar Othman
2009–now Dato' Che Nasir Salleh


Year Head Coach
1994–96 Malaysia Ahmad Yunus Mohd Alif
1997–98 Denmark Jorgen Erik Larsen
1999 Australia Alan Davidson
1999–00 Malaysia Fuzzeimi Ibrahim
2001–02 Malaysia Ahmad Yunus Mohd Alif
2003 Brazil Ralf Borges Ferreira
2004 Malaysia Ahmad Yunus Mohd Alif
2005–06 Malaysia Zainal Abidin Hassan
2007 Malaysia Haji Ahmad Yusof
2008 Malaysia Zainal Abidin Hassan
2009 Malaysia Tajuddin Noor
2010–13 Malaysia Dollah Salleh
Dec 2013 – March 14 England Ron Smith
March 2014 – Dec 2015 Malaysia Zainal Abidin Hassan
Dec 2015 – March 10 Malaysia Ahmad Shaharuddin Rosdi
April 2016  – Malaysia Razip Ismail

Kit manufacturers and sponsors[edit]

Current kit manufacturers and sponsors

Kits manufacturers
Financial sponsors
Aras Kuasa
Resorts World Genting
Allianz Malaysia
Liberty Insurance
Red Bull
M.S Garden Hotel

Previous Kit Supplier and Sponsor

Period Manufacturer Shirt Sponsor
1989–90 Schwarzenbach Dunhill
1991 Puma
1992–98 Diadora
1999–00 Mikasa
2001–03 Kronos
2004–05 Adidas
2006–07 TM
2008 Hummel
2009 Lotto
2010 the ZON hotel
2011–12 Resorts World Genting
2013 Stobi
2014–2016 Puma Aras Kuasa
2017– Nike

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