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Pahayi is located in Nigeria
Location in Nigeria
Coordinates: 6°50′49″N 2°56′17″E / 6.84694°N 2.93806°E / 6.84694; 2.93806Coordinates: 6°50′49″N 2°56′17″E / 6.84694°N 2.93806°E / 6.84694; 2.93806
Country  Nigeria
State Ogun State
LGA Yewa South
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)

Pahayi is a town in Yewa South local government area,[1] Ogun State, Nigeria.[2] It is located near Ilaro, not far from the border with Benin.[3][4] Pahayi was one of the towns which was historically incorporated into the Egbado Protectorate under the Dahomians.[5] It contains an elementary school and is linked by road to neighboring towns.[6][7] Orita Pahayi Modern Shopping Centre was completed in the 1990s.[8] The inhabitants, mainly Yoruba people,[9] are noted for their Wooro music, a type of music which is a "combination of all other music associated with Gelede, Ogun and Sango Festival."[10]


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