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Pahlavi may refer to:

Language and writing[edit]

  • Pahlavi scripts, or Pahlavi writing system, as adopted to render various Middle Iranian languages
  • Pahlavi literature, Persian literature of the 1st millennium AD
  • Pahlavi Psalter, a 12-page non-contiguous section of a Middle Persian translation of a Syriac book of psalms
  • Middle Persian written in the Pahlavi script (including Zoroastrian Middle Persian of the 9th-11th century)
  • Middle Persian name of the Parthian language and speakers of it
  • Northwestern Iranian languages during the classic Islamic period: Oramani, Tati and the dialects of Ray and Hamedan (see Fahlavīyāt)

Iranian royalty[edit]

  • Pahlavi dynasty, two monarchs who ruled Iran/Persia between 1925 and 1979
  • Pahlavi Crown, part of the coronation regalia used by the Pahlavi Shahs and part of the Iranian Crown Jewels

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