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Paige Turner
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Paige Turner
Daniel Frank Kelley
OccupationDrag performer, singer-songwriter, actor

Daniel Frank Kelley, also known by the stage names Paige Turner and Showbiz Spitfire, is an American drag queen, comedian, and singer who lives in New York City. A legitimate actor of the stage, Kelley created the character Paige Turner in 2006 at East of Eighth restaurant in New York City. Turner's fictitious parents are said to be Pee Wee Herman and Barbie.[1] Turner sings live and lip synchs during her over the top comedic performances.[2]


Drag queen[edit]

Paige Turner is one the original creators, producers, and host of So You Think You Can Drag at New World Stages in midtown New York City. Billed as NYC's live drag reality show, SYTYCD completed its 5th season Fall 2014 with celebrity judges including Adam Lambert, Charles Busch, Zach Booth, and Jackie Hoffman.[3][4]

Turner also performs parodies on YouTube which have included parodies of Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe,[5] One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful and the Grindr Connection a parody of the Muppet's Rainbow Connection.[6][7]

Grindr Connection won a 2015 GLAM AWARD for Best Music Video. She recently made her Provincetown debut at the legendary "Crown & Anchor" with her one woman show and will return there summer of 2015.[8]

Turner is usually referred to as "Showbiz Spitfire Paige Turner" and is known as the Holly Golightly of drag.[9]

Turner coined the catch-phrase Slurp![10] Which is her term for cute sexy thangs and is the name of her long running show in NYC [11] and also has spawned a line of merchandise.

Turner was the official host of the original LGBT Expo 2015.[12] and will headline at the 1st Annual Austin International Drag Festival in May 2015.[13]


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