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Origin Lisbon, Portugal
Genres Heavy metal, hardcore, death metal
Years active 1997–present
Labels Paranoid Records
Members Nuno Loureiro
Raul Vicente
Paulo Lafaia
Filipe Lima
Past members Alexandre Afonso
Ricardo Correia
Ricardo Veloso
Ivo Martins

Painstruck are a doom-death[citation needed] band from Portugal formed in August 1997. The current members of the group are Nuno Loureiro, Raul Vicente, and Paulo Lafaia.


Debut and demo tape[edit]

Arising from a very assorted musical scene, the band played under the name of Breed Machine until changing their musical structure. The founding members were Nuno Loureiro (lead guitar and vocals), Paulo Lafaia (drums), Alexandre Afonso (bass), and Ricardo Correia (guitar). All of them had previous projects, including Nuno Merciless Death, Exiled, Sublevel, Disaffected, Grog, and Squad. All of the members had also played with Mortify. The band started to work on songs, they began to tour, and in the last two weeks of December 1998, they released a demo tape. The tape was produced by Nuno Loureiro and recorded in the band's rehearsal room.

Aggressive Ways to Pacify[edit]

In April 1999, work on the debut album, Aggressive Ways to Pacify, began in the Rec'N'Roll studios, owned by Luis Barros. Soon after, the band signed a record deal with Paranoid Records. Aggressive Ways to Pacify was released in 2001. After its release, Painstruck began an extensive tour of Portugal and Spain. The tour included a two-date set with the heavy-metal band Biohazard. In summer 2002, Painstruck received an invitation to play at one of Portugal's largest summer festivals, Ermal. Other invitees included Slipknot, Dimmu Borgir, and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

A Whole New Perception[edit]

Aggressive Ways to Pacify sold well in Portugal that year.[citation needed] The second album, A Whole New Perception, was already finished by March, and was released in October 2002. Painstruck aimed for this to be their masterpiece. The first release of the album sold out, and a second edition, with never-before-seen photos and videos, was released.

In 2003, Painstruck played a two-night set with Stone Sour. A friend of the band recorded the action and compiled the footage in a video for one of the band's singles, "In Us You Live." The video played throughout the year on the TV station Sol Musica, and the band was invited to the 2003 Ermal festival, one of Portugal's most famous festivals.

Recent events[edit]

In April 2005, the band began a new round of touring. Early in 2006, they opened for Testament. In, 2006, Painstruck released an EP, The Scalpel, and in 2008, a self-released album, Hell's Wrath In God's Glory.


Current members[edit]

  • Nuno Loureiro - vocals, guitar
  • Filipe Lima - guitar
  • Raul Vicente - bass
  • Paulo Lafaia - drums

Past members[edit]

  • Ivo Martins - guitar
  • Ricardo Veloso - bass
  • Alexandro Afonso - bass
  • Ricardo Correia - guitar


  • Advance Tape (Demo, 1998)
  • Aggressive Ways to Pacify (Album, Paranoid, 2001)
  • A Whole New Perception (Album, Paranoid, 2002)
  • The Scalpel (EP, Paranoid, 2006)
  • Hell's Wrath In God's Glory (Album, self-released, 2007)

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