Paint and Paint

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Paint And Paint
LP cover (HCLP1)
Studio album by Haircut One Hundred
Released 1984
Recorded The Roundhouse, Air and Jacob's Studios, England
Genre New wave
Label Polydor
Producer Bob Sargeant, John Punter, Mark Dearnley, Haircut One Hundred
Haircut One Hundred chronology
Pelican West
Paint And Paint
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars[1]

Paint and Paint is the second album by the British band Haircut One Hundred, released in 1984. Their first and only album released after lead singer Nick Heyward's departure from the group in early 1983, it features Marc Fox as lead vocalist.

Unlike the band's first album, Paint and Paint was not a commercial success and failed to chart, and none of the singles released from it reached the UK Top 40.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Fish in a Bowl"
  2. "Immaterial"
  3. "So Tired"
  4. "Hidden Years"
  5. "40-40 Home"
  6. "High Noon"
  7. "Too Up, Two Down"
  8. "Benefit of the Doubt"
  9. "Prime Time"
  10. "Where Do You Run to Now?"
  11. "Infatuation"

All tracks written by Marc Fox, Les Nemes, Graham Jones and Phil Smith, except "Where Do You Run To Now?" written by Steve French and Marc Fox.

UK Singles[edit]

Prime Time[edit]

  • Release Date: 1983
  • UK Chart: 46
  • Notes: HC1 and HCX1 came in special carry bags.

7" (HC1):

  1. "Prime Time"
  2. "Too Up Two Down"

7" Picture Disc (HCP1):

  1. "Prime Time"
  2. "Too Up Two Down"

12" (HCX1):

  1. "Prime Time (Late Night Shopping Version)"
  2. "Too Up Two Down"

So Tired[edit]

  • Release Date: 1983
  • UK Chart: 94

7" (HC2):

  1. "So Tired"
  2. "Fish In A Bowl"

7" Mirror Disc (HCP2):

  1. "So Tired"
  2. "Fish In A Bowl"

12" (HCX2):

  1. "So Tired (Long Slumber)"
  2. "So Tired (Forty Winks)"
  3. "Fish In A Bowl (Deeper Version)"

Too Up Two Down[edit]

  • Release Date: 1984
  • UK Chart: -

7" (HC3):

  1. "Too Up, Two Down"
  2. "Evil Smokestacking Baby"

12" (HCX3):

  1. "Too Up, Two Down"
  2. "Evil Smokestacking Baby"
  3. "After It's All Been Said And Done"