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A paint chat is an online chat room that allow its participants to draw together in real-time while they chat. The chat box is usually at the bottom, with the drawing area on top. Paint chats generally attract the same demographics as Oekaki. Anime characters are a popular subject. Paint chat is not an association of websites.



CoSketch is a HTML5-based whiteboard website, offering intuitive and minimalistic GUI for multi-player sessions. A user can invite others to his/her CoSketch session (called "room") by providing the unique hyperlink to the session and/or a unique hyperlink to the saved sketch. Ten minutes after all users have closed their browser windows running the session, the session's content is deleted if it is not saved before.[2]
Drawball is a Flash-based website that hosts a large circular canvas on which visitors can collaboratively draw in real time using a limited quantity of virtual ink. The site requires no registration. The website identifies users based on their IP address, allowing each a certain amount of ink to be used. The ink accumulates over time. On the side of the canvas is a group chat accessible without login for anyone.
Draw My Thing[4]
A game made by Similar to Pictionary, the game features public rooms in which you have a 60-second time limit to draw a given word or phrase in a turn-based format. The other players must use chat to guess the object. If guessed correctly, the guesser gets two points and the artist gets one. The length of each match varies based on the number of players (1–7 players and 3–1 rounds) and does not require an account. The game has spawned the successful mobile app Draw Something.
Draw online[5]
An online drawing game.
Drawsum is a huge collaborative drawing application where anyone can draw onto a massive shared canvas. The website is built using Java. There is only one canvas and everyone shares it to make one collective artwork, allowing for both collaboration on a drawing or doodling in a corner. It is completely free and uncensored.
Based on a multi-user drawing/chat Java applet that was developed for the Etchinghill Studios website in March 1997. The applet was further developed so that multiple whiteboard and chat sessions could be hosted on the same server, and in 1998 it was released as Groupboard. Since then over 90,000 people have set up their own Groupboard.
Similar to PaintChat, although it requires registration. It can have both public and private boards.
iSketch is a web-based competitive drawing game.
A meeting platform which connects people randomly one-on-one.
PaintChatApp(or just Paintchat)[10]
A closed-source freeware website, and consists of a server and client applet written in Java. It was originally developed in 2000 by Japanese programmer Shi-chan. The last version released in 2003, and has enjoyed significant popularity.
RateMyDrawings DrawChat[11]
Part of the "RateMyDrawings" community that allows people to draw and chat at the same time using a Flash-based drawing tool.
A browser-based paint chat tool with voice support (requires Java) and a focus towards hosting web meetings. It has been live since April 2007.
Queeky MultiDraw[13]
Part of the Queeky online drawing tools, it enables collaborative multi-user drawing in real time. Each user can create an own paint chat room and invite friends to collaborate on it. Finished drawings can be saved to Queeky's art gallery.
A multi-user whiteboard and chat. This is a web application utilizing the HTML5 specification. As the result, it does not require any plug-ins or add-ons and works directly in the browsers supporting this technology. Created by
A device-independent, web-based zoomable whiteboard with realtime collaboration written in pure html5 and javascript. People can sketch, type together on a zoomable user interface privately or publicly. The public visual chat service is accessible with a permanent URL.
Users draw, chat, or communicate via audio and video conference, and even easily drag and drop images from files, other pages, clipboard and cameras. Draw.Chat is accessible through any modern web browser.


An open source, cross-platform sketching-oriented drawing program similar with a multi-user, resizable canvas, supporting pressure-sensitive input, multiple image and text layers, session recording and playback, the OpenRaster file format, an optional multi-session dedicated server, and a built-in chat, written in C++ with Qt 5.
openCanvas is a Japanese image editing program whose old freeware versions featured network support. One user could host a session and the program would accept up to 3 other users via incoming TCP connections. None of these features exist in openCanvas 2.x and later. Copies of oC11b72.exe (openCanvas 1.1b72) remain in wide circulation on the Internet because of this.
Paint Chat[19]
A real-time drawing chat application that runs using Instant Messaging.[20]
Two remote users can communicate using drawings on their Android -based smartphones. Currently supports for GTalk.[21]
Nintendo's PictoChat software, built into Nintendo DS firmware, operates over a local-area wireless network. It does not connect to the Internet.