Painted Thin

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Painted Thin
Origin Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Genres Hardcore punk
Years active 1994 (1994)–1999 (1999)
Labels G7 Welcoming Committee
Associated acts The Weakerthans
Past members Stephen Carroll
Paul Furgale
James Ash
Jason Tait
Dan McCafferty
Ben Sigurdson
Michael MacKenzie
Doug McLean
Andrew Srichandra

Painted Thin was a Canadian hardcore punk band, formed in Winnipeg, and active from 1994 to 1999.[1] The core of the band consisted of vocalist and guitarist Stephen Carroll and bassist and vocalist Paul Furgale, with a variety of guest musicians, including James Ash, Dan McCafferty and Jason Tait,[2] on individual recordings.

The band's first release was a six-song demo tape entitled Losing Games which featured the songs: "20", "Andrew", "Disposable Song", "Clearly Contrived", "Revelations", and "Breakdown". This was followed by Small Acts of Love and Rebellion, a split CD with John K. Samson, in 1995 on G7 Welcoming Committee Records, and the albums Still They Die of Heartbreak in 1997 and Clear, Plausible Stories in 1999 before breaking up. Carroll and Tait went on to join Samson's band, The Weakerthans, while Furgale started the band Sixty Stories. In 2001, some unreleased Painted Thin material appeared on a split album with Sixty Stories, Different Places to Sit / A Loveless Kiss.

Small Acts was rereleased on G7 Welcoming Committee in 2006.



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