Painted sandgrouse

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Painted sandgrouse
Painted sandgrouse male Pterocles indicus.jpg
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Pterocliformes
Family: Pteroclidae
Genus: Pterocles
P. indicus
Binomial name
Pterocles indicus
(Gmelin, 1789)

The painted sandgrouse (Pterocles indicus) is a medium large bird in the sandgrouse family found in Bangladesh,[2][better source needed] India and Pakistan.



The painted sandgrouse is a plump ground-dwelling bird with a small head and short legs. The sexes are differently coloured. In the male, the bill is orange and there is a black bar across the white forehead, fine black longitudinal lines on the nape and a white patch of bare skin surrounding the eye. There is a broad black and white band around the chest. The breast and belly are a uniform pinkish-brown colour and the back, wings and tail are brown, boldly marked in black and white transverse bars. The female is duller in appearance being a greyish brown colour, barred and speckled with darker brown and white.[3]


The painted sandgrouse is found in dry regions in rough grassland, rocky areas and scrub and feeds mainly on seeds. It is gregarious and groups congregate at waterholes to drink.[3]


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