Painting Theft

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"Painting Theft"
Rocky and Bullwinkle episode
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 1 (6 segments)
Directed by Gerard Baldwin, Pete Burness, Bill Hurtz, Gerry Ray, Bob Schleh, George Singer, Ernie Terrazas
Written by George Atkins, On Wheels, Chris Jenkins, Lloyd Turner
Production code 223–228
Original air date 1962–1963
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Topsy Turvy World"
Next →
"The Guns of Abalone"

Painting Theft is the first story arc from the fourth season of Rocky and Bullwinkle (originally titled The Bullwinkle Show). It was broadcast on NBC during the 1962–1963 television season.

Episode segments[edit]

Episode 1[edit]

  1. Painting Theft
  2. Fractured Fairy Tales: Red White
  3. Bullwinkle's Corner: "I Shot an Arrow"
  4. Peabody's Improbable History: Charge of the Light Brigade
  5. Transatlantic Chicken or Hens Across the Sea

Episode 2[edit]

  1. Portrait of a Moose or Bullwinkle Gets the Brush
  2. Fractured Fairy Tales: Cutie and the Beast
  3. Bullwinkle's Corner: See a Pin
  4. Peabody's Improbable History: Royal Mounted Police
  5. Bullwinkle Busts a Brush or The Cleft Palette

Episode 3[edit]

  1. Boris Badenov Presents or The 20-Inch Scream
  2. Fractured Fairy Tales: The Flying Carpet
  3. Mr. Know-It-All: How to Open a Jar with Relish
  4. Peabody's Improbable History: The First Bullfight
  5. Dollars to Doughnuts or The Wonderful World of Cruller

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