Pajama Sam

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Pajama Sam
Genres Adventure, Edutainment
Developers Humongous Entertainment
Publishers Humongous Entertainment
Creators Ron Gilbert, Richard Moe, Rhonda Conley
Platforms Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android, Linux
First release Pajama Sam In: No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside
Oct 4, 1996
Latest release Pajama Sam 4: Life is Rough When You Lose Your Stuff!
Aug 19, 2003

The Pajama Sam series is a collection of point and click children's adventure and puzzle games originally created by Humongous Entertainment.


The young titular character himself, Pajama Sam, is shown having light turquoise hair and skin and wearing a pair of blue footed pajamas and a red cape. Many of Sam's adventures involve him emulating his hero, the comic book superhero Pajama-Man, and seeking to physically conquer his fears and dislikes (e.g. darkness, thunder and lightning) and altruistically help others.

Sam is young and a little naive, and obviously has an active imagination. Sam befriends many inanimate objects throughout his adventures, such as a mine cart named Xing, a wooden boat named Otto and a piece of broccoli named Florette. These companions assist him in the games.

Sam has a tendency to be inattentive, impatient, and to rush into situations without having the full story. Yet he is also depicted as being friendly and going out of his way to be nice to characters that he encounters - even enemies or former enemies. He also has a big brother named Mark.


Adventure games[edit]

All games consist of three parts: the tutorial, the actual game, including the side objective, and the credits. The world changes every time a new game is started (even though the main and side objectives stay the same), so it is impossible to explain the complex storyline. The games consist of Pajama Sam finding objects in the world and using them somewhere else. A cut scene is usually played if the right item is used. You may save your progress at any time if you have to stop. In addition to a main storyline, each individual game has a separate objective to collect objects scattered around Sam's world.

Other games[edit]

"Junior Arcades"
Game Releases Developer/Publisher
Pajama Sam's Sock Works
  • 1997
  • June 6, 2014 (Steam)
Humongous Entertainment
Pajama Sam's Lost & Found
  • 1998
  • June 6, 2014 (Steam)
Humongous Entertainment
"Activity Packs"
Game Releases Developer/Publisher
Pajama Sam's One Stop Fun Shop
  • September 26, 2000
Humongous Entertainment
Pajama Sam: Games to Play on Any Day
  • November 2001
  • October 23, 2014 (Steam)
Humongous Entertainment



Various Children's books about Pajama Sam have been published by Lyrick Publishing.

Title Date Writer Publisher Illustrator
Pajama Sam: Color and Activity Book[7] August 2000 Lyrick Studios
Pajama Sam: Mission to the Moon[8] August 28, 2000 Dave Grossman Lyrick Studios
Pajama Sam: The Magic Hat Tree[9] August 2000 Lyrick Studios N. S. Greenfield
Pajama Sam: Amazing TV Adventure[10] January 2001 Biz Magoo Lyrick Studios Dirk Wunderlich
Pajama Sam What's Different?[11] January 2001 Nancy Parent Lyrick Studios Darren McKee
Pajama Sam: Out to Lunch![12] January 2001 Biz Magoo Lyrick Studios
Pajama Sam: Food Fight[13] August 2001 Lyrick Studios


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