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Pajama Sam
Pajama Sam.png
Pajama Sam
Genre(s)Adventure, Edutainment
Developer(s)Humongous Entertainment
Publisher(s)Humongous Entertainment
Creator(s)Ron Gilbert, Richard Moe, Rhonda Conley
Platform(s)Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android, Linux, PlayStation, Wii
First releasePajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside
Oct 4, 1996
Latest releasePajama Sam: Life Is Rough When You Lose Your Stuff!
Aug 19, 2003

The Pajama Sam series is a collection of point and click children's adventure and puzzle games originally created by Humongous Entertainment. After the release of the first two adventure games, the series were proving a success when the products sold one million copies and won 40 awards of excellence.[1]


Adventure games[edit]

All games consist of three parts: an introductory phase in which Sam begins in one room of his house, looking for his cape (or equipment that makes him courageous enough to face Darkness in the first game) and entering an imaginary world, the actual journey he undertakes in that world, and a concluding cinematic that ends the story. The world changes every time a new game is started (even though the main and side objectives stay the same). The games consist of Pajama Sam finding objects in the world and using them somewhere else. A cutscene is usually played if the right item is used. Each game has a save feature. In addition to a main storyline, each individual game has a separate objective to collect objects scattered around Sam's world.

In the first game, the player had no control over what scenarios would be encountered in one playthrough. In the sequel, the player can choose from several combinations of scenarios to play with, and in the last two games, he/she is given complete control on what kind of scenarios are encountered for each step towards resolving the main conflict.

The third title was ported to the original PlayStation. More than a decade since the series' inception, the first game in the series was also ported to the Wii, which suffered from limited availability due to a legal conflict concerning its development. In the 2010s, the first three games of the series were ported to iOS and Android as paid games.

Other games[edit]

"Junior Arcades"
Game Releases Developer/Publisher
Pajama Sam's Sock Works
  • July 8, 1997
  • June 6, 2014 (Steam)
Humongous Entertainment
Pajama Sam's Lost & Found
  • September 22, 1998
  • June 6, 2014 (Steam)
Humongous Entertainment
"Activity Packs"
Game Releases Developer/Publisher
Pajama Sam's One Stop Fun Shop
  • April 5, 2000
Humongous Entertainment
Pajama Sam: Games to Play on Any Day
  • November 2001
  • October 23, 2014 (Steam)
Humongous Entertainment



Main characters[edit]

  • Pajama Sam - A young boy, voiced by Pamela Adlon in three games and later Elisha Ferguson in Life Is Rough When You Lose Your Stuff, who is a little naive but has an active imagination and ambition. He has light turquoise hair and skin and wears a pair of blue footed pajamas and a red cape. He befriends many inanimate objects throughout his adventures, who in turn assist him in the games. Sam has a tendency to be inattentive, impatient, and to rush into situations without having the full story. Yet he is also depicted as being friendly and going out of his way to be nice to characters that he encounters - even enemies or former enemies. He also has a big brother named Mark.
  • Pajama Man - Sam's favourite comic book superhero, whom he emulates to conquer his fears and dislikes and altruistically help others.

Pajama Sam 1[edit]

  • Carrot Freedom Fighter: A carrot in the garden across from Darkness's house. He is the leader of the Salad Liberation Front, a group of carrots who are tired of being considered as a part of a salad—they want to be the main course. He reappears in the second and third games. In some versions of the game, he is found wearing Sam's mask. He is a strong leader who has dedicated his time to helping his fellow carrots.
  • Darkness: Sam's nemesis throughout the game. Sam is afraid of him and attempts to capture Darkness. However, when Sam finally meets Darkness, he discovers that Darkness is not so bad after all. He is lonely and only wants to play games with friends, but he has none. Sam befriends him at the end of the game and the two play "Cheese and Crackers" together.
  • King: A cart in the mines near Darkness's house. Sam finds him rusted to his tracks, but helps free him. King feels young and alive after getting rid of his rust, and so carries Sam around the labyrinth of mines.
  • Otto: A friendly boat who is afraid of drowning. Otto is a bit of a coward, and not a thrill chaser. Sam helps him to get over this fear, and in return, Otto gives him rides around the river.
  • Wink & Blink: The Announcers for the Land of Darkness's game show, The "Brain Tickler". They are two doors seen arguing with each other when they think Sam is not present.

Pajama Sam 2[edit]

  • Andrew Glimmer - A Stapler and the nervous Supply Clerk, who gives out supplies to anyone who has a supply form.
  • Bernie Applebaum - A microscope that runs the suggestions department.
  • Bill Gate - The gate prevents visitors from entering World Wide Weather.
  • Board Members - They're literally boards, and their names are Larch, Birch and Splinter.
  • Brad Carpenter - The Receptionist who guards the offices and doesn't let anyone in without an appointment.
  • Courtesy Phone - A purple phone is glad to give Sam as much advice as it can.
  • George Someone - The Personnel Manager, who will give some information in exchange for an apple.
  • Jersey Langston III - A snowman that gets stuck with ASI's job when ASI goes missing and wears Carrot Leader Guy for a nose.
  • Lightning - Thunder's assistant, who easily panics and prides her work at World Wide Weather.
  • Mother Nature - The head of World Wide Weather, who expects only perfection from her employees.
  • Rhoda Dendron - A Palm Tree and the unpleasant secretary for the VP of Paper Clips and Rubber Bands.
  • Sheila Zywicki - A coffee mug who runs the complaint department.
  • SID - The Snowflake Inspector Detector is designed to find ASI.
  • Thunder - The Controller of the World Wide Weather who makes sensible decisions.
  • Weather Machine Parts - They are ASI, Velocimomometer, Wingnut and Y-Pipe who work the Snow, Wind, Sun and Water machines respectively.

Pajama Sam 3[edit]

  • Bean 47 - A Kidney Bean. The newly appointed delegate of the Proteins Food Group. Branded with a white number 47 and wears a boater hat.
  • Carrot - The same carrot which appears throughout the franchise. General Beetfoot's advisor, who manages to stall the general from declaring war.
  • Chuck Cheddar - A lump of Cheddar Cheese. The delegate of the Dairy Food Group. He wears a pair of pilot goggles and a boater hat and has a handlebar mustache.
  • Florette - A Broccoli. The delegate of the Vegetables Food Group. She wears a pink hair bow and a boater hat.
  • General Beetfoot - A Beetroot. The General of the Food Pyramid Army. Always barks an order to declare war whenever he thinks the food conference is off.
  • Granny Smythe - A Green Apple. The delegate of the Fruits Food Group. She wears a string of pearls, a pair of glasses and a boater hat.
  • Mickey Hollandaise - A Banana. A momentarily failed comedian, who performs comedy shows at the Funnybone Theater.
  • Pierre Le Pane - A French Bread Loaf. The delegate of the Breads and Grains Food Group. He wears a boater hat and has a mustache.
  • Luke Wigglebig - A Pink Lollipop. The delegate of the Sweets Food Group. He wears blue suit with a red bow and carnation and a boater hat.
  • Selina Celery - A Celery. Lives in the Foothills where she teaches dancing lessons.
  • Selma Celery - A Celery. Selina's older sister and etiquette teacher.
  • Zing - A Soda Can. The leader of the Soda Can Band, who socialise by endlessly dancing.

Pajama Sam 4[edit]

  • Bishop - A white chess piece, who is particularly proud of his crook and pointy hat.
  • Clean Sock - A clean white sock with two red stripes. Resides in the top drawer of a chest of drawers and is lonesome without the other matching sock.
  • Cook - The proprietor of the diner in the Grubby Corners Mall.
  • Crane Operator - A wrench who operates a crane to clean up a clogged river.
  • Grandma Sweater - A woolen sweater who loves to knit good clothes in record time.
  • Hall Monitor - A traffic cone who keeps the queue outside Dr. Grime's office in order.
  • Happy Farmer - A farmer who raises and shears dust bunnies in a field.
  • Jacques Scubeau - A French person in a pressure diving suit, who explores the water bed of the giant tank.
  • Mall Guard - A notepad wearing an officer's hat, who guards the mall and does not permit anyone to enter without the proper dress code.
  • Nutcracker - A Russian accented toy soldier who can crack and open any nut with his teeth.
  • Soiled Sock - A dirty white sock with two red stripes. Wants to be with his partner but remains separated because of the dirt on him.
  • Sponge - A sea sponge, who is very fond of eating mold.[12]


Various children's books about Pajama Sam have been published by Lyrick Publishing.

Title Date Writer Publisher Illustrator
Pajama Sam: Color and Activity Book[13] August 2000 Lyrick Studios
Pajama Sam: Mission to the Moon[14] August 28, 2000 Dave Grossman Lyrick Studios
Pajama Sam: The Magic Hat Tree[15] August 2000 Lyrick Studios N. S. Greenfield
Pajama Sam: Amazing TV Adventure[16] January 2001 Biz Magoo Lyrick Studios Dirk Wunderlich
Pajama Sam What's Different?[17] January 2001 Nancy Parent Lyrick Studios Darren McKee
Pajama Sam: Out to Lunch![18] January 2001 Biz Magoo Lyrick Studios
Pajama Sam: Food Fight[19] August 2001 Lyrick Studios


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