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Pajawan or Pajjun was Kachwaha Rajput ruler of Dhundhar with his capital at Amber, India. He was fifth Kachwaha ruler of this area. He was married to Prithviraj Chauhan's cousin. He was prominent and trusted general of Prithviraj Chauhan.

According to the Prithviraj Raso and literature about kushwaha/Kachwahas it is found that army of Muhammad of Ghor was defeated by Prithviraj Chauhan many times before two main battles of Tarain. Two of such battles were at Hansi and Nagour. Pajawan played major role in these battles. Prithviraj Chauhan attacked Raja Parmardi Chandel of Mahoba. Pajawan was also with him in this battle. The battle was won by Prithviraj and he appointed Pajawan governor of Mahoba.

In 1185 Raja Jaichand of Kannauj organised Swayamvara of his daughter Sanyogita. All prominent kings and princes were invited in this ceremony but he deliberately avoided Prithviraj Chauhan. Furthermore, he placed an earthen statue of Prithviraj at the entrance of the venue, posing him to be doorman. Prithviraj got information about it. He arrived at Kannauj in disguise together with his trusted generals. Pajawan was also with him. When Sanyogita chose Prithviraj as her would be husband by placing garland on the statue of Prithviraj. He took her with him on a horse and escaped. Pursuing forces of Jaichand got engaged with Pajawan in a fierce battle. It is said that Pajawan fought 64 battles in his life. He was a great warrior. Pajawan was not killed in 1185 at Kannauj but accompanied Prithviraj Chauhan III in the 2nd Battle of Tarain in 1192 and was killed in it.

Upon death of Pajawan Chandbardai said:
Aaj rad dhilladi, aaj Dhundhar anathai
Aaj adin Prithviraj, aaj sanwant bin mathai
Aaj par dal dal jor, aaj nij dal bhram bhagge
Aaj mahi bin kasam, aaj marjad ullage
Hinduwan aaj tuti dhili, aaj turkani ucchatiya
Kuram Pajjun marata thakan,manu chap gun tuttiya
(Today the fight has weakened, today Dhundhar has become orphan. Today Prithviraj has become a fighter without head. Today enemies forces have become strong, and own forces are running in confusion. Today the land has started crossing her limitations like a widowed woman. Today Hindus lost their heart and invaders encouraged. With the death of "Kurma" (Kachwaha) Pajjun, Prithviraj has become a bow with broken string.)

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