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The creek Lung Hang (龍坑) has low flow in winter

Pak Tam Chung (Chinese: 北潭涌) is an area in the southern part of the Sai Kung Peninsula in the New Territories of Hong Kong. It is administratively under the Sai Kung District.


There is a visitor centre for nature education set up by the Hong Kong Government. Near the centre is a vehicle barrier leading to the restricted portion of Sai Kung East Country Park in Pak Tam Chung. For vehicles, only those with authorisation can enter the area and reach places like Hoi Ha, Pak Tam Au and High Island Reservoir.

There are a number of picnic and barbecue facilities within Pak Tam Chung, including a site designed for physically disabled visitors.

Po Leung Kuk owns a holiday camp site in Pak Tam Chung.


The most common way to reach Pak Tam Chung is by bus. There are several bus routes that go via Pak Tam Chung.

Kowloon Motor Bus
Green minibus
  • Route #7 - Sai Kung Minibus Terminus <-> Hoi Ha
  • Route #9 - Sai Kung Minibus Terminus <-> Lady Maclehose Holiday Village

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