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Pak Tongjin (1916–2003) was a famous South Korean pansori musician.[1][2][3]


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  • Howard, Keith (March 30, 2010). "Música Coreana - Guía del Oyente: Pansori" [Korean Music - Listener's Guide]. Artes Escénicas de Corea (in Spanish). Mauricio Martínez R. Retrieved April 5, 2011. [Pak claims to know each of the pansori traditional stories. This is unusual because most singers are known for only a single piece. Here we find sufficient evidence of his versatility: all five traditional stories plus a 'new' show, a story based on the New Testament that confirms Pak's conversion to Christianity.]  Contains a discography for Pak Tongjin.
  • Jang, Yeonok (2001). "P'ansori performance style: audience responses and singers' perspectives". Ethnomusicology Forum. Abingdon, Oxfordshire: Routledge. 10 (2): 99–121. doi:10.1080/09681220108567322. ISSN 1741-1920. OCLC 56722533. In Seoul, Pak is a very popular singer, since he is a particularly good entertainer. His popularity comes largely from his witty remarks at the beginning of his performances or during them, ...