Pakhal Lake

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Pakhal Lake
Pakhal Lake Telangana.jpg
Pakhal Lake view
Location of Pakhal Lake in India.
Location of Pakhal Lake in India.
Pakhal Lake
LocationWarangal, Telangana
Coordinates17°57′N 79°59′E / 17.950°N 79.983°E / 17.950; 79.983Coordinates: 17°57′N 79°59′E / 17.950°N 79.983°E / 17.950; 79.983
Basin countries India

Pakhal Lake[1] is a man-made lake in the Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary in the Warangal district of Telangana, a state in Southern India.[2][3]


Pakhal Lake is an artificial lake situated in the Pakhal sanctuary close to Warangal City in Telangana. Believed to have been constructed in 1213 A.D by order of the Kakatiya King Ganapathidev, the lake encompasses an area of 30 sq km. Set around the lake is the Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary spread over an area of 900 sq km.


Pakhal Lake, situated amidst forested undulating hills and dales, is a popular tourist retreat. Set around the shores of this lake is the Pakhal Wild Life Sanctuary with an area of 839 km2. It is a dense forest shelter with a variety of flora and fauna.


Pakhal lake is situated about 50 km east of Warangal. It is well connected by road, tourists can get there via state run buses or by private vehicles.


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