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The great Telugu king Ganapati deva has constructed pakhal lake in the deepest forest area for the future uses to farm land for agriculture aproxmately 3 lacks of ecars depending on it...kakatiya rulers has lot of future plannings to make people's life to be bright....they used so many kinds of engineering technologies in the constructions..they built ramappa temple on a lake , as well as thousand pillars temples at hanamkonda is constructed on sand land...still they are alive from past thousand years and they will be stand so strongly other 2 to 3 thousand years so proudly after our means the kings of kakatiya still being with all Telugu people.....yeah we forgotten them now..we are hating kingship now...we are going through democrasy now....but here full of corruption..and criminals are getting freedom from courts and laws now because only the reason that we have people ,we have army ,we have ministers ,we have weapons, we have courts ,we have intelligence, and we have sceintists BUT WE DONT HAVE A KING .if king will come if he has supreme powers everything will be fine...

Pakhal Lake
Pakhal Lake Telangana.jpg
Pakhal Lake view
Location Telangana
Coordinates 17°57′N 79°59′E / 17.950°N 79.983°E / 17.950; 79.983Coordinates: 17°57′N 79°59′E / 17.950°N 79.983°E / 17.950; 79.983
Type Reservoir
Basin countries  India

Pakhal Lake[1] is a man-made lake in the Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary in Warangal district, Telangana, a state in Southern India.

Tourist spot[edit]

Pakhal Lake, situated amidst undulating forest land hills and dales is a popular retreat for the tourists. The lake constructed around 1213 A.D. by Kakatiyan Ruler, Ganapatideva is spread over an area of 30 km2., provides a beautiful site. Set around the shores of this lake is the Pakhal Wild Life Sanctuary with an area of 839 km2. It is a dense forest shelter for a variety of fauna.

If lucky, one can spot a tiger, a leopard, a bear or a herd of deer roaming about freely in the wild. The sanctuary is also harbouring mammals like panthers, hyenas, wolves, wild dogs, jackals, sloth bear, nilgai, porcupine, langoor; And reptiles like python, cobra, common krait, monitor lizard and crocodiles.


Pakhal is situated about 50 km east of Warangal and it is well connected by road passing through the east while taluk headquarters of Narsampet which is about 12 km away.


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