Pakistan–Qatar relations

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Pakistan-Qatar relations
Map indicating locations of Pakistan and Qatar



Pakistan–Qatar relations refer to the bilateral links between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the State of Qatar. Pakistan has an embassy in Doha; Qatar maintains an embassy in Islamabad and a consulate-general in Karachi. Relations between the two are shaped by Pakistan's generally close relations with the Arab world. Like other nearby gulf states, there is a large Pakistani community in Qatar which numbers over 50,000. They work in diverse fields and send remittances each year.[1] During the 2010 Pakistan floods, Qatar provided timely assistance to the country. After the British left, Pakistan originally called for the territory to be merged into with the Trucial States of the United Arab Emirates, with which it had recognized in the same year despite this however diplomatic relations between the two were established.[citation needed]

Economic relations[edit]

A deal was signed by the two countries' governments in December 2015 in which Qatar agreed to supply Pakistan with $16 billion of LNG over a lengthy period.[2]

Despite the ongoing economic and diplomatic embargo imposed on Qatar, its trade relations with Pakistan remained unaffected. In 2018, trade between the two countries flourished and grew over 230 percent to $2.6 billion.[3]

In June 2019, Qatar announced to invest $3 billion in Pakistan, in the form of deposits and direct investments. The economic partnership between both the countries is expected to reach $9 billion once the investment is done.[4]

Event of the Arab countries cutting ties[edit]

On 5 June 2017, 5 Arab countries: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, UAE and Bahrain cut ties with Qatar. Pakistan has stated that "At the moment there is nothing on Qatar issue, (we) will issue a statement if some development takes place," -Nafees Zakaria, spokesman of Pakistan's Foreign Ministry.[5]


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