Pakistan Army Aviation Corps

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Pakistan Army Aviation Corps
Flag of the Pakistani Army.svg
Active 14 August 1947 -
Country  Pakistan
Branch  Pakistan Army
Type Military aviation
Headquarters/Garrison Army Aviation Command, Rawalpindi
Engagements see Military history of Pakistan
Decorations Sitara-i-Jurat
COAS Commendation Cards
Imtiazi Sanads
Battle honours Chumak (Siachin) Saviours
General Officer Commanding Maj Gen Khalil Dar
Lt Gen AB Awan
Brigadier Jabbar
Maj Gen Azam
Brigadier Zaka Bhangoo
Brigadier Raashid
Aircraft flown
Attack AH-1 Cobra
Z-10 Fierce Thunderbolt
Bell AH-1Z Viper
IAR 330
Eurocopter Fennec
Trainer helicopter Schweizer S300-C
Utility helicopter Aerospatiale Alouette III
Aérospatiale Puma
Eurocopter AS350
Bell UH-1 Huey
Bell 412
206 Jet Ranger
Aérospatiale SA 315B Lama
Trainer Mushak
Transport Aero Commander 840
Cessna Citation Bravo
Mil Mi-17
Tanker Harbin Y-12

The Pakistan Army Aviation Corps (Urdu: ﺁرمى اويشن كور; Army Aviation Corps), abbreviated as Avn, is an active combatant military administrative staff corps tasked with carrying out the military air operations, and responsible for doctrine, manning and configuration for all aviation unit.[1]


Originally formed by British Army Air Corps in 1942, the entire unit was transferred to Pakistan in 1947.[1] The officers and personnel were part of the Air Observation Post who were deployed in support of Punjab Boundary Force. Later the entire group was stationed at Chaklala Air Force Base before the partition of India.[1]

Initially part of PAF, the Corps was split into the new service and became part of Pakistan Army in 1958.[2] The Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering started to maintain the aircraft and helicopters given by the United States Army Aviation Branch, opening its own aviation school in 1959.[3]

Since the 1960s, the corps expanded in momentum, manpower, and its operational scope has widened.[3] By the 1970s, the Corps became a fighting air component of the Pakistan Army, with its attack helicopters becoming the backbone of military operations.[3] The Corps has become an integral part of Pakistan Army's every imitated operations, and came to public and international notice in the 1970s after initiating, and successfully quelling, the serious civil war in Balochistan.[2]

It is also a most decorated Corps of Pakistan Army, with more national citations and awards conferred and bestowed to this Corps than any combatant corps of Pakistan Army. Although it came into existence in 1947, the corps was given a full commission in 1977.[2]

Combat operations[edit]

As for its war capabilities, the Corps has a long history; participating in every conflict and war with India, they also led and flew bombing and combat missions in the Afghanistan war, Somalian War, Sierra Leone war, Mozambique war, Sri Lankan war Bosnian war, and recently, the War in North-West Pakistan. The corps has actively participated in Siachin Conflict, Kargil Conflict and War on Terror. The daring pilots of Pakistan Army Aviation have conducted some of the most historic and difficult missions in Aviation history, in pursuit of which some of them laid down their lives. They are known for their professionalism for high altitude flying, combat, assault and rescue missions.[1]

The Corps also initiated the non-combatant operations in 2005, when it led a massive airlift and re-location mission after the Kashmir earthquake.[2] In 1991, the Corps was stationed in Bangladesh, where they completed its non-combat mission after the country was hit with a cyclone.[2] Since its inception, the Corps has become a significant combatant arm of the Pakistan Army, poised for a definite and critical role be it peace or war.[1]

Aircraft inventory[edit]

Pakistan Army operates over 270 helicopters alongside several fixed wing aircraft.

Pakistan will buy forty (40) T-129 multi-role attack helicopters. Both the sides had agreed on the agreement during the last meeting of defense ministers of the two countries. The T-129 is a multi-role, all-weather attack helicopter co-developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries and Agusta Westland. The aircraft is currently operated by the Turkish Army and is being offered for export to a number of other countries, besides Pakistan[citation needed]

Aircraft/System Role Quantity Note
Z-10 Fierce Thunderbolt Changhe Z-10.jpg Attack helicopter 3[citation needed] 3 delivered and 17 total on order.[citation needed]
Bell AH-1Z Viper AH-1Z lands on USS Makin Island LHD-8.jpg Attack helicopter 15 on order[4] Including 1000 Hellfire Block-2 missiles[citation needed]
Mil MI-35M Hind-E
Russian Air Force Mil Mi-24PN Dvurekov-6.jpg
Attack helicopter 4 on Order Attack helicopter
Bell AH-1F/S Cobra Two cobra helicopters at Multan.jpg Attack helicopter 51[6] 20 AH-1S supplied by US between 1984 and 1986; 12 AH-1F acquired in 2007; One AH-1F squadron (14 helicopters) supplied in March 2010. 8 Ex-Jordanian AH-1S Cobras inducted in October 2013. Three lost to Crashes.
IAR 330 IAR-330 Puma SOCAT antitank gunship 2.jpg Attack helicopter 6[citation needed] Small number in service.
Eurocopter Fennec 050618-Fennec-03.jpg Attack Helicocpter 20[citation needed] Used as light attack helicopter and for Reconnaissance.
Harbin Y-12 YJAV5.JPG Utility aircraft 2[citation needed]
Cessna Citation Bravo Cessna 550b citation bravo cs-dhr arp.jpg Transport aircraft 1[6]
Cessna Citation V Transport aircraft 1[6]
Aero Commander 840 Pakistan Army Aero Commander PER Wheatley.jpg Transport aircraft 2[6]
Mil Mi-17 Pakistan Army Mil Mi-17 Asuspine-1.jpg Transport helicopter 75 [6]
Bell 206 Jet Ranger Utility helicopter 15 [6]
Bell 412 Norwegian military Bell 412SP helicopters.jpg Utility helicopter 30[7]
Bell UH-1 Huey RNZAF Iroquois 2009.jpg Utility helicopter 54[6] Large quantity Operated by Pakistan Rangers
Eurocopter AS350 Pakistan military helicopter - Flickr - Al Jazeera English.jpg Utility helicopter 15[6]
Aérospatiale SA 330 Puma Raf puma xw236 arp.jpg Utility helicopter 65[6]
Aerospatiale SA.316 Alouette III US Navy 110928-N-QL471-036 A Pakistan navy SA-319B Alouette III helicopter is chocked aboard the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77).jpg Utility helicopter 30[6] Local production started in mid80,s.
Aérospatiale SA 315B Lama Utility helicopter 20[citation needed] Mainly Operated by army in Siachen Glacier .
Beechcraft Super King Air Beechcraft b200 superkingair zk453 arp.jpg SIGINT & ISR 8 Used for VIP purposes.

Retired Aircraft[edit]




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