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The Pakistan Christian Congress (PCC) is a Christian political party and lobby group in Pakistan and was founded in 1985. The party aims to safeguard and advocate the social, religious and political rights of Christians in Pakistan.[1]

The six point manifesto of Pakistan Christian Congress, adopted in Karachi in 1986 is a program of action to achieve the goal of human dignity, equality, security, well-being and prosperity for 2.8 million Christians in the whole of Pakistan state.

Before the launch of the P.C.C., Christian social, religious and political leaders only focusing on local problems in past joined voice with this program and started talking about Christians constitutional rights which led the Christian nation in positive directions of struggle in society.

PCC Struggle for Separate Christian Province: Separate Christian Province in Pakistan: On April, 21, 1992, at Hotel Jabees, Karachi, the President, Pakistan Christian Congress, Mr. Nazir S Bhatti, demanded the separate province for the Christians of Pakistan, dividing Punjab province in 3 provinces. The Christians are second biggest population in Punjab.

The Bishops Conference of Pakistan have welcomed the Sharia Law in Jurist Conference at Lahore organised by the administration and nominated their favourites in the Majlis e Shoora, a body replacing dissolved National Assembly of Pakistan.[citation needed]


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