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Pakistan is a place with many natural topographical features and Pakistan's largest coal reserves are found in Sindh with approximately 184.623 billion tonnes.[citation needed]

Region Coal
(billion tonnes)
Sindh: Lakhra, SondaThatta, Jherruck, Thar, Haji Coal others 184.623
Punjab: Eastern Salt Range, Central Salt Range, Makerwal 0.235
Balochistan: Khost-Sharig-Harnai,Sor Range/Degari, Duki, Mach- Kingri, Musakhel Abegum, Pir Ismail Ziarat,Chamalong 0.217
KPK: 0.091
AJK: 0.009
Grand total 185.175

Coal outside Duki[edit]

Duki the tehsil of district loralai in province Balochistan,is rich with high quality Coal with highest rate of extraction throughout Pakistan. Coal is the main business of the area. More than 80% of local population is directly related to the coal business. 100% conduction of the coal business is in private hands but all of them are individuals and no company has ever invested in it. Almost all the Pushtun tribes in Duki including Nasar, Tareen, Luni, Dumar and many others, do this business. Nasar tribe has much hold of this business as they are considered the master miners and businessmen. There are big local coal tycoons like Sardar Akbar Kamalkhail Nasar,Sardar Tahir Luni, Sardar Ansari,Sardar Israr Tareen, Sardar masoom khan tareen, Akbar Uskhail Nasar, tekadat Atha Muhammad Nasar etc.The business of coal in the Duki district is mainly under the control of the Coal mines owners,the Petti tekadars,and the coal agents.The coal mines owners own the coal mines either by being the owners of the land or have acquired the rights to extract the coal through the allotment of the extraction of coal.very few families are the owners of the coal mines, mainly the sardars of different tribes. The Petti tekkadars does not own the coal mines, rather they own the mines on commission from the Coalmines owners.They are many Petti tekaddars working in the Tehsil Dukki.The coal agents of the area play a vital role as they help in transporting and sending coals to other cities by becoming mediators.At least 3000 metric tons of Coal of different quality is transported to Punjab Province of Pakistan.The Coal is 

transported to the Punjab province and is mainly used in the Brick kilns and other factories like textile,cement etc.The mines vary in thesims(the width of the 

coal spread underground in the land,streatched to various kilometers to be extracted). The smallest sim is 6 inches in size while the largestsim is 9 feet,on average

 the size of the sim is 3 feet.The best quality seam is known locally as " Top" .On average at least 1000 coal mines are functional.The business is privately run by the local tribes and on average business transactions of Rs.50 million takes place on daily basis.

Duki is the best ever privately run mining Valley in Pakistan.At least 50 million rupees business is done on the daily routine. more than 50% labour is from Afghanistan. Per day income of the labour on average in mining .Qudrati,slati and Loee sims are other qualities of sims.

Musakhael Coal[edit]

Kingri sub-Tehsil of Musakhel District is located on borders of Punjab Province. Kingri area is well known for its natural proven coal reserves. In early 1980s coal exploration started but due to unavailability of proper road structure, the project was stopped. In President Musharaf's regime the road problems from Fort Minro to Kingri was met with, and now the area is connected to the rest of the country for business and travel. The area possesses two different seems, one coming from Chamalang and other from Duki. The Hills having coal are hard and supportive to mining. Fifty plus mines are now operating in the area to full fill the energy requirements of the country. Aram in Kingri has excellent coal and charcoal reserves, available just at the depth of 30 feet. The specifications of Kingri coal are as:

Contents Value
Moisture 3.67
Volatile Matter 38.05
Ash 9.1
Fixed Carbon 54.32
Total Sulfur 5.98
Calorific Value LB 13221

The United Musakhel Mining Company (Pvt) Limited offers to investors from within the country and abroad to invest in coal mining to reduce energy crises in Pakistan. The company has 7100 Acres of coal mining area under its control, in Kingri District Musakhel.

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