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Pakistan Engineering Council
پاكستان انجینئری انجمن
Pakistan Engineering Council (logo).jpg
Abbreviation PEC
Motto Regulating the Engineering Profession..
Formation January 10, 1976; 41 years ago (1976-01-10)
Type GO and IGO
Legal status Foundation, ad hoc
Purpose humanitarian, Philosophy of engineering, accreditation and provide engineering education and regulation and licensure in engineering disciplines
Headquarters Atatürk Avenue (East) G-5/2
Region served
South Asia
Official language
Urdu and English
Jawed Salim Qureshi[1]
Dr Niaz Ahmad Akhtar[1]
(Punjab Province)
Mukhtar Ali Sheikh[1]
(Sindh Province)
Zahid Arif[1]
(Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province)
Ghulam Usman Babai[1]
(Balochistan Province)
Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST)[1]
Established by:
Constitution of Pakistan

The Pakistan Engineering Council (Urdu: پاكستان انجینئری انجمن‎; acronym PEC), is a professional and statutory federal institution for accreditation and regulation of the chartered and professional engineers.[2] The PEC is dedicated for promoting its education programs in applied science, computing and engineering.[2] Established in 1976 by the PEC 1976 Act of the Constitution of Pakistan, it is the representative engineering community in the country, assisting the government and the provisional governments of the four provinces.[2]

The PEC grants license and registration of engineers, consulting engineers, technicians, and the accreditation of the engineering programs operation and oversees by the accredited universities and institutions.[2] The PEC also asserts its role as a think tank to the government and undertakes its efforts to establish scientific standards for engineering innovations and services to the nation. It has full representation in four provinces of the country and has provisional head offices in each four provinces; its headquarters is located in Islamabad, Pakistan which served its operational command and control secretariat.[3] PEC has a provisional signatory status with Washington Accord.


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