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Pakistan International School, Azizia Dist #11, Jeddah
Pakistan International School Jeddah.jpg
Motto "رَبِّ زدْنيِ عِلْماً" (Arabic)
O my Lord! Advance me in Knowledge."
Established 1959
Academic staff
Students 10,400
Location Jeddah, Makkah Province, KSA
Campus Urban, 8 acres (32,000 m2)
Colours Green, White & Black             
Sports Cricket, Football, Hockey
Nickname PISJ/Pakistan Embassy School

Pakistan International School Jeddah (now officially written as Pakistan International School, Azizia, Jeddah or PISJ) (formerly Pakistan Embassy School Jeddah) is one of the largest community-based schools in Saudi Arabia. It is located on Taj-ud-Din Al-Makki Street in the Al-Azizyah District 11 of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is an International School, affiliated with the Federal Board of Intermediate, Secondary Education of Islamabad and University of Karachi . In 2009 Pakistan International School, Azizia, Jeddah celebrated its 50th anniversary.


From 1959 to 1984 PISJ was located in Baghdadiah. The school was established to serve the children of the Pakistani expatriate community living in Jeddah and adjacent cities. It has a student body of more than 8500.

The school operates two shifts – a morning shift comprising middle, secondary and higher-secondary classes and an afternoon shift comprising preparatory and primary school. The primary medium of instruction is English; Urdu and Sindhi-medium tracks are also available till secondary level.

The school has two wings, one for boys and the other for girls. A connecting building houses the administrative offices. The school has an auditorium with an occupancy of 300–500 people. There is an outdoor basketball court located between the two wings.

The girls wing also offers private BA degrees (Bachelor of Arts) in limited subjects affiliated with the University of Karachi, Pakistan.

The school's satellite branch, the Pakistan International School, Jeddah (English Section), is located in the Ar-Rehab District of Jeddah. It offers IGCSE-based curriculum of United Kingdom. This branch is known as PISJ English Section, and is completely independent of its parent school, i.e. PISJ main school.

A filtered water system

Organizational Structure[edit]

The School functions in accordance with the rules and regulations set by the Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Board of Directors duly elected by the parents of the students under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia constitutes the ‘governing body’ and formulates the policies of the school. The operational activities of the school are carried out under the supervision of the Principal of the school.

The Primary Section- headed by Headmistress- comprises classes Prep to IV for Girls and Prep to V for Boys. The Secondary Sections - headed by Vice Principal - comprise class V to XII for Girls and class VI to XII for Boys.

In administration, the School has a Director Finance and an Administrative Officer. The Director Finance is overall in charge of all financial matters, whereas the Administrative Officer looks after the Personnel Section, the Transport Section and building(s) maintenance.


Old building[edit]

The old building was located in Al-Baghdadia District, Jeddah.

The Old Building Is Located In Baghdaadiya District Near Balad Now It Is Totally Ruined

New building[edit]

The new building became operational in 1984. It is located in Al-Aziziyah District 11, Jeddah.

English Section[edit]

A new independent campus known as the 'English Section' offering O'Level and A'Level was established in 1995 (under the supervision of Ambassador of Pakistan in Saudi Arabia Mr. Abdullah Safdar). This branch is known as PISJ English Section, and is completely independent of its parent school, i.e., PISJ.


PISJ Uniform

Boys (Classes KG1 - KG3) : White Shirt, Maroon Trouser, Maroon Tie, Black shoes with white socks

Boys (Classes I - V ) : White Shirt, Khakhi Trouser, Red Tie, Black Shoes with white socks

Boys (Classes VI - XII ) : White Shirt, Black Trouser, Black Shoes with Black socks

Girls (Classes I - IV): White Shirt with scarf of "House colour", Green Tunic, White Shalwar, Black Shoes

Girls (Classes V - X): White Shirt and Dupatta, Green Tunic, White Shalwar, Black Shoes

Girls (Classes XI-XII): Full Green Shirt with collar and cuff,White Dupatta, White Shalwar, Black Shoes


PISJ celebrates Pakistan's National day on 14 August. Different programmes are performed on both boys and girls section. Due to the availability of one auditorium,boys and girls section have their functions on alternate days. The Consulate General is invited to the function as a chief guest.

23 March (Pakistan's Resolution day), 9 November (Iqbal Day), 25 December (Quaid-e-Azam Day) are also celebrated in the school. Since 2007 the school has arranged an interschool English debate contest. It has won the contest for a consecutive three times. In 2009, the school celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Sports Day[edit]

Sports day is held in the middle of January and February. Sports day is usually held in the Girl's wing.

At least one month before sports day, the Badge Ceremony is held in which the 'In charges' and sports captains are given the sashes, caps and badges. The highest post is for Sports Secretary. After the ceremony, the Basketball, Throwball and Badminton events are held. Eight houses compete in their best professional manner, every participant wears the jacket showing their house colour. Every event has its own Sports In charges, every house has its own Sports Captain. The Annual Sports day starts with the National anthem and many national songs. March Past is the first event, opening event, welcome event, races, skipping, P.T, gymnastics and many other events are held which are fully enjoyed by the students and the chief guests. Cups and certificates are awarded to the winners.

Boys have their sports activities outside the school in clubs. The most favourite among the boys is cricket.


There are Houses too on both Boys and Girls side which compete with each other. The school arranges both Inter School and Inter House competitions. There are eight houses on Boys and four houses on girls side each having its own unique colour and named after great people from the history of Islam and Pakistan. They are:

House Colour Named After
Ayyubi House Maroon Salahuddin Al Ayyubi
Bilal House Silver Hazrat Bilal ibn Rabah al-Habashi
Ghazali House Brown Imam Ghazali
Iqbal House Orange Allama Muhammad Iqbal
Jinnah House Purple Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Khalid House Green Khalid ibn al-Walid
Qasim House Red Muhammad bin Qasim
Tariq House Yellow Tariq ibn Ziyad

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