Pakistan Judo Federation

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Pakistan Judo Federation
Sport Judo
Abbreviation PJF
Founded 1988 (1988)
Affiliation International Judo Federation
Regional affiliation Judo Union of Asia
Headquarters Peshawar
President Rana Shujaat Ali
Secretary Masood Ahmad

The Pakistan Judo Federation (PJF) is the governing body to develop and promote the game of Judo in the Pakistan. The federation is based in Peshawar.

In the beginning, Judo and Karate games were being played together under the supervision of Pakistan Judo Karate Board. In 1988, Judo was separated from Karate and a separate body for Judo was established as Pakistan Judo Federation, and Pakistan Karate Federation overtook responsibilities of Karate. [1]


The federation is member of International Judo Federation[2] and Judo Union of Asia (JUA).[3] It is also member of Pakistan Sports Board[4] and Pakistan Olympic Association.


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