Pakistan Mission Control Centre

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Pakistan Mission Control Centre
Station statistics
Launch January 1, 1990
Mission status Active

The Pakistan Mission Control Center (Call sign:PMCC) is a separate command and control and separate mission control center at the Suparco Headquarters in Karachi, Sindh Province of Pakistan.[1] The PMCC manages and controls the satellite programme of Pakistan, and controls the nation's unmanned space programme.[2]

Historical review[edit]

The facility came into existence in 1990 with the technical support of France, Canada and the Soviet Union.[3] Since 1990, Pakistan had been participating in an international and multinational humanitarian programme for satellite–aided search and rescue, the International Cospas-Sarsat Programme.[3] In 1990, the Government of Pakistan accorded approval for Suparco's participation in the Cospas program as ground segment provider and lead space station with close coordination with the Soviet Union.[3] Over the years, the mission control center had equipped itself with advanced technology and is capable of controlling the capable COSPAS-SARSAT satellites.[3]

Operational activities[edit]

The PMCC is a major facility to hold the space programme activities and to control the satellite programme.[2] On November 10-November 12, 2009 at 0500 - 1300 UTC, Suparco successfully completed commissioning and telecommunication test of the Pakistan Mission Control Center under the officials of the COSPAS-SARSAT International Program, for the support of Search and Rescue using satellite aided tracking technology.[2] As of current, the PMCC is a recognized and major facility of the International COSPAS-SARSAT Program.[3]


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