Pakistan Pharmacists Association

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Pakistan Pharmacists Association
Motto"Good Governance of Medicine and Patient Care Through Pharmacists"
PresidentSyed Khalid Saeed Bukhari
Vice-presidentDr Ali Akbar Sial
ColoursLight Blue and White          
WebsiteOfficial Website

The Pakistan Pharmacists Association (PPA) is the national organization of pharmacists and student pharmacists. PPA has a mission to promote and expand the profession of pharmacy and the role of pharmacists in Pakistan. PPA is dedicated to improve public health and patient care by enhancing professional development of the pharmacists and the pakistan pharmacy council.

The PPS website is a source of drug information, news about the world of pharmacists and an opportunity for pharmacists to link up, share ideas and develop communities of interest.


  • To promote the pharmacy as a component of the healthcare team.
  • To contribute to education programmes for pharmacists already engaged in practice to improve the medication use and health outcomes of patients.
  • To promote high standards of professional conduct amongst pharmacists.
  • To provide leadership in the identification, development and implementation of health policies of concern to pharmacy.
  • To hold seminars, symposia, exhibitions and conferences.
  • To increase the quality of pharmacists education.


  • Notification and implementation of the Punjab Drug Sales Rules in 2007.
  • 255 new posts in the Punjab government and more than 400 in Balochistan, 225 in Sind and same in NWFP and AJK, along with five new posts as Inspector of Drugs in Islamabad, Gilgit and Biltistan.
  • Appointment of Pharmacists in Emergency Services and Trauma Centre in government hospitals on higher salaries.
  • Appointment of Hospital Pharmacists and Drug Inspectors at Tehsil Level linked with Frontier's Service Structure.
  • Appointment of Hospital Pharmacists at DHQ and THQ level.
  • Notification of Pharmacists as Secretary of the Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committees of all the government hospitals.
  • Appointment of a Hospital Pharmacist on every 50 beds in all the major hospitals.
  • Notification of the Service Structure of Pharmacists in government service after 62 years, the promotion rules are in process.
  • Establishment of District Quality Control Boards and appointment of Pharmacists as Secretary DQCPs as new positions BPS 18 and 19.
  • First time Appointment of Pharmacist in Forensic Authority at Punjab and Federal level.
  • Amendments in the Pharmacy Act 1967 with consensus from all Provinces and tabled in National Assembly for approval.
  • Issuance of SRO 740 in 2006 to regulate pharmacy education through the Pharmacy Council with the strong support of PPA
  • Model Pharmacy concept in government hospitals is a PPA idea.
  • Up-gradation of the post and appointments as separate posts of the Secretary PQCB and Chief Drug Inspector of Punjab in BPS 20.
  • Appointment of Pharmacists in National Programs, like National TB Program, National Malaria control programme and many others.
  • Removed a non-pharmacist from the Punjab Pharmacy Council through the High Court despite the fact that the Health Department was supporting the non-pharmacist member.
  • Pharmacist included as expert in PVMS Committee of Punjab and other parts of the country.
  • PPA remains vigilant in stopping entry of Category B & C holders to the lot. Many cases were fought in the High Court on this issue with the Chemist Association.


  • Replacement of B.Pharm course with Pharm D.
  • Development of a uniform course for Pharm D all over Pakistan.
  • One year condensed course for B. Pharm graduates to get Pharm D Degree.
  • Up-gradation of Faculty of Pharmacy to The College of Pharmacy.
  • Maintenance of checks on the new teaching institutions through Pharmacy Council of Pakistan to improve their standard of education.


  • Organized four international conferences during the last tenure Two in Karachi and Two in Lahore.
  • Organized 13th International Pharmaceutical Conference & Exhibition in April 2006 at Lahore.
  • Organized 14th International Pharmaceutical Conference & Exhibition in 2007 at Karachi.
  • Organized 15th International Pharmaceutical Conference & Exhibition in April 2008 at Lahore.
  • Organized 16th International Pharmaceutical Conference & Exhibition in April 2016 at Lahore.


  • Member of the Commonwealth Pharmacist Association (CPA) and Federation of Asian Pharmacists Association (FAPA).
  • Elected Regional Representative of Asia in CPA.

Disaster help[edit]

  • Camps for help of earthquake victim and IDPs within 24 hours of the emergencies.
  • Formed a Natural Disaster Committee which received contributions, and provided aid to the Earth Quake Disaster victims.


  • After the PPA owned PPA house in Lahore, there is a PPA owned PPA house in Karachi, with library and function hall.

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