Pakistan Social Democratic Party

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The Pakistan Social Democratic Party is a political party in Pakistan. In 2002, with a wristwatch as the party's symbol on the ballot, it fielded one candidate in the National Assembly elections and the regional assembly elections, but won no seats. In 2004 the Electoral Commission asked the party, and ten other parties, to have its submitted statement of account audited by a chartered accountant and re-submitted. (34 parties had submitted no statements of account at all, and faced disqualification.)

Pakistan Social Democratic Party is run by Mr. Mujib Ur Rehman Kiani Advocate, Islamabad as Chairman of the Party and he is reorganising the party and the Election commission of Pakistan has been informed by the Secretary of Party vide its letter dated 11 the April 2012 and Mr. Irfan Kausar, Deputy Director, confirmed about the newly elected Chairman of the Party and party will participate in next election.

The comprehensive manifesto of the party was printed and circulated during its years in active politics. Its founder is author of a publication named 'Responsible Politics', widely sold during the time of its publication. It laid down the predictions and expectations of on coming politics in Pakistan.