Pakistani cricket team in Bangladesh in 1979–80

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The Pakistan national Team, led by Asif Iqbal, came to Bangladesh for a short tour in January, 1980, in the middle of their long tour of India. Two matches were scheduled, a two-day match at Chittagong. followed by a 3-Day fixture at Dacca. Unortunately, trouble broke out during the Tea break in the second day of the match at Chittagong, and the remainder of the tour was abandoned.

Scores in brief[edit]

Date Match Venue Result
Jan 2-3 2-Day Match Chittagong Pakistan: 179/5 (Decl.) (Mudassar Nazar 77, Sadiq Mohammad 35, Majid Khan 21, Yousuf Rahman 2/38) & 138/3 (Decl)( Talat Mirza 43, Mohsin Khan 34) BCCB 114 (Yousuf Rahman 28, Raqibul Hasan 16, Rafiqul Alam 16, Shafiq-ul-Haq 16, Abdul Kadir 5/49, Majid Khan 2/4, Iqbal Qasim 2/24) & 65/3 (Yousuf Rahman 17, Iqbal Qasim 2/22) Match Abandoned
Jan 5-7 3-Day Match Dhaka - - Match Abandoned

Unfortunate incident[edit]

A section of the crowd entered the ground immediately after the tea break on the second day attacking the Pak players. They were angry over the alleged remarks by some Pak cricketers about the independence of Bangladesh. It is still impossible to verify the truth of the allegation. But the match was instantly called off, and consequently the 3-Day match at Dhaka was cancelled. This was a big disappointment for the Dhaka crowd, as more than 30,000 tickets were already sold.

Uneasy relations[edit]

As the tourists left to restart their tour of India, the cricketing relationship between Bangladesh and Pakistan reached a new low. A tour of Pakistan by the Bangladesh team, scheduled for the following month was promptly cancelled. Though, Mushtaq Mohammad led a PIA side in Feb. 1984, it was really the tour of the Omar Quareshi XI, (led by Imran Khan), in Jan 1986, that eventually normalized the relationship. A Bangladeshi team, led by Gazi Ashraf toured Pakistan in March, and the two teams met on their first official ODI on 31 March, in the 2nd Asia Cup. [1]


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