List of Pakistani films of 1954

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A list of films produced in Pakistan in 1954 (see 1954 in film) and in the Urdu language:


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Deewar Gulshan Ara, Sudhir, Allauddin
Gumnaam Anwar Kamaal Sabiha, Sudhir, Ragni, M. Ismael, Asif Jah, Nasreen, Ghulam Mohammad, Himalya Wala Musical
The film was released on March 26, 1954
Mujrim Gulshan Ara, Yousuf, Allauddin
Perwaz Sabia, Yousuf Khan, Asha, Nazar Actor Yousuf Khan began his career from film "Perwaz".
Raat Ki Baat Sabiha, Santosh, Allauddin
Ruhi W.Z. Ahmad Shammi, Santosh, Hamalia Wala Director W.Z. Ahmad's inaugural film "Ruhi" was the first banned film in Pakistan.
Sassi Daud Chand Shah Nawaz, Nazar, Asha Posley, Sabiha, Sudhir Musical The film was released on June 3, 1954

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