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Pakistani hip hop is a music genre in Pakistan.

By the middle of the decade, hip hop artists of Pakistani origin such as California based Bohemia,[1] Netherlands-based Imran Khan and Waqas Ali Qadri of the Danish band Outlandish had started exploring lyrics in Punjabi.

Other popular artists from the region include Adil Omar, Faris Shafi, S.T.T. (Saber Toothed Tiger), Desi Machines [Zayn ul Abidin and Zain Shah] from Lahore, Lazarus and Osama Com Laude.

Most recently, comedian Ali Gul Pir, Kunwer Azlan[2]and Young Stunners[3] have come out of the Karachi music scene with their singles Waderai Ka Beta, "Taroo Maroo", "Muffte", "SelfiePhobia", "Burger e Karachi", "Baap Ki sarkar", "Maila Majnu", and "Laam Se Chaurha". Their rapid-fire lyrics using Karachi street slang are seen as a sign of growth of the genre in the country.[4]


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