Pakistanis in Brunei

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Pakistanis in Brunei
Total population
500 (2005)[1]
Urdu, English, Malay
Related ethnic groups
Pakistani diaspora

Up to 450 Pakistanis work in Brunei,[2] of these there are around 70 Pakistani medical doctors working in various healthcare departments of Brunei.[3] Adding up the spouses and children of these Pakistani workers in Brunei, makes up the total population of Pakistanis in Brunei to be about 1500.[4]

Pakistan Higher Education Commission is also coordinating to send Pakistani students to study at Brunei universities, under a government of Brunei scheme of offering scholarship to students from Organisation of Islamic Cooperation member countries.[5] Therefore, in coming years it is expected that several Pakistani students will also be enrolled in Brunei universities.there are 18 students in brunei in various courses

Notable people[edit]

Notable Pakistani expatriates who lived in Brunei:

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