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Pakistanis in India primarily include Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs seeking Indian citizenship and Pakistani Muslim brides which marry to Indians.[1] Other includes Pakistani nationals who sought Indian nationality for working in India.[2] In December 2015, Pakistani singer, Adnan Sami took Indian citizenship.[3] Maharashtra has witnessed a six-fold increase in applications for Indian citizenship from Pakistani nationals ever since relaxation and simplification of immigration rules in December 2017. The gainers include cross-border brides in Mumbai who have waited for citizenship for close to a decade.[4]

In addition to that, there are also an estimated 761 Pakistani nationals officially, who are held in Indian jails, most of them serving their terms on charges of spying and terror related crimes.[5]

Reports of Pakistani nationals infiltrating into porous eastern borders with Nepal and Bangladesh come up frequently. In 2017, 250 Pakistani nationals were deported who were illegally residing in India.[6] No report has been released by India reporting the actual number of illegal Pakistani nationals in India so far. A significant numbers of Pakistani nationals reside in India temporarily as international students and medical tourists.

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