Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia

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Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia
Total population
+ 1.5 million[1]
Regions with significant populations
Riyadh, Khobar, Jeddah, Makkah, Jubail, Dammam, Jizan
Urdu  · Pashto  · Punjabi  · Kashmiri  · Sindhi  · Arabic  · Saraiki
Islam, Hinduism, Christianity

Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia are either Pakistani people who live in Saudi Arabia even though having been born outside Saudi Arabia, or are Saudi Arabian-born, but have Pakistani roots. By Pakistani roots, this could mean roots linking back to Pakistan, or Pakistani diaspora.


There are restaurants, shops and cultural activities which cater to this diaspora. In Jeddah, Azizia district, is perhaps the best place to get Pakistani foods and shops. There is huge Pakistani community living there due to the close proximity of the Pakistani School in Jeddah. Sharfia and Baghdadia district are other districts which has significant Pakistani community living there.


To meet the requirement of the education, there are Pakistani schools in large cities of Saudi Arabia. They are known as International Schools with the name of the city comes after where the school is situated. They follow Pakistani national curriculum apart from Pakistan International School (English Section), Jeddah, which follow British Curriculum.

Riyadh: Pakistan International School, Riyadh - Largest School catering to Pakistani residents in Riyadh

Jeddah: Pakistan International School, Jeddah, and Pakistan International School (English Section), Jeddah

Jubail: Pakistan International School, Jubail

Taif: Pakistan International School, Taif

Al-Hassa: Pakistan International School, Al-Hasa

Al-Khobar: Pakistan International School, Al-Khobar

Al-Madina Al-Aqeeq international school, Al-Madina There are many private schools which cater to other educational needs of students.

Notable Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia[edit]

  • In 1957, Pakistani expatriate Anwar Ali[2] became the governor of SAMA (Saudi Arabian Monetary Fund), who had come to the country with an International Monetary Fund mission and who held the post as a confidant of King Faisal until his death, in 1974.
  • Nawaz Sharif - spent eight years in self exile upon an agreement with Pervez Musharraf and Saad Hariri.
  • General Raheel Shareef - Ex-Chief Of Army Staff, Pakistan is currently the chief of Joint Islamic Forces, Saudi Arabia.


In four months, Saudi Arabia repatriation at least 40,000 Pakistanis due to involvement of a number of Pakistani nationals in some terrorist activities and after their violation of the rules of residence and work.[3][4][5][6] In report it was estimated that 250,000 Pakistanis have been deported in various countries in three years. Of them 131,643 were deportation from Saudi Arabia.[7]


Urdu News targets Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia, providing them news in their native language, Urdu.[8]

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