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Pakoštane is located in Croatia
Location of Pakoštane in Croatia
Pakoštane - Church of St.Michael
Lake Vrana from road
the Pakoštane municipality within the Zadar County

Pakoštane is a municipality in Croatia in the Zadar County. According to the 2011 census, there are 4,123 inhabitants, 97% of whom are Croats.[1] North of the Vrana Lake, 6 km from Pakoštane, there is historic settlement of Vrana. Croatian general Ante Gotovina grew up in Pakoštane. It is a tourist town with many gravel beaches and pine woods. Not far from the town is the Lake Vrana Nature Park, a favorite picnicking site, abundant in fresh water fish.

Materine užance[edit]

Materine užance (Mothers' customs) is an ethno-gastronomic event which takes place during the summer tourist season in Pakoštane.[2] The event is organised by the Pakoštane Tourist Board and the Pakoštane Municipality.[3] Materine užance has been taking place in the centre of Pakoštane every year since 2008.[2] There are numerous stands in the centre of Pakoštane where authentic local food (boiled octopus, shellfish, pršut (smoked ham), cheeses, čućke, gnocchi, sweet desserts like mimice, fritule, kroštule, almonds in sugar, etc.) is prepared in front of visitors and can be tasted and purchased.[4]


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Coordinates: 43°54′34″N 15°30′29″E / 43.90944°N 15.50806°E / 43.90944; 15.50806