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Pala may refer to:


  • Pala is a cultural event of Odisha(India) which is a combimation of Literature, Spirituality,Culture, music. Basically in pala, hindu myths are described by the Gayak with the help of all purans like Bhagabata Geeta,Ramayana,Mahabharat,Astadash purana, and epics of ancient poets.A pala team consists of usually 6 members, among which one is Gayak (head of the team) who narrates the story and one is Bayak, who plays mridang. Other fours assist the Gayak in songs. They are called as Palia.When there is a debate between two groups one after another it is called Badipala.


  • Pala (or Palai), a town in Kerala, India
  • Pala Empire, an empire of ancient Bengal on the Indian subcontinent
  • Pala Lake, the largest lake in southern Mizoram, northeast India
  • Pala, a region in Anatolia during the Bronze Age which spoke the Palaic language; it was to the northwest of Hattusa on the other side of Mount Asharpaya
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