Pala, Chad

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Cathedral in Pala
Cathedral in Pala
Pala is located in Chad
Location in Chad (Mayo-Kebbi Ouest highlighted)
Coordinates: 09°21′45″N 014°54′38″E / 9.36250°N 14.91056°E / 9.36250; 14.91056Coordinates: 09°21′45″N 014°54′38″E / 9.36250°N 14.91056°E / 9.36250; 14.91056
Country  Chad
Region Mayo-Kebbi Ouest
Department Mayo-Dallah
Sub-Prefecture Pala
Elevation 457 m (1,499 ft)
Population (2012)
 • Total 40,202
Time zone +1

Pala (Arabic: بالا‎) is a town in Chad and the capital of the region of Mayo-Kebbi Ouest. The Fula language is spoken in the area. The Roman Catholic bishopric of Pala served Mayo-Kebbi Prefecture, in 1970, Pala included 116,000 of Chad's 160,000 Catholics.

It has the country's first gold mine, opened by the South Korean company Afko. However, cotton picking is the main industry in the area.

The town is served by Pala Airport.


Year Population[1]
1993 26,115
2008 37,380


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