Palace & Main

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"Palace & Main"
Single by Kent
from the album Du & jag döden
Released May 4, 2005
Format CD
Genre Indie rock
Alternative rock
Label BMG Sweden/RCA
Songwriter(s) Joakim Berg, Harri Mänty, Markus Mustonen, Sami Sirviö, Martin Sköld
Kent singles chronology
"Max 500"
"Palace & Main"
"Den döda vinkeln"
"Max 500"
"Palace & Main"
"Den döda vinkeln"
Du & jag döden track listing
"Du var min armé"
"Palace & Main"

"Palace & Main" is a song by Swedish rock band Kent, written by Joakim Berg and Martin Sköld. It was released on May 4, 2005, as the second single from their album Du & Jag Döden, immediately reaching the top of the Swedish chart. The song title refers to an intersection in Portland, Oregon. The single contains two B-sides: "Nihilisten" and "Alla mot alla". The playable side of the CD is black.


The music video is a documentary filmed on a simple DV-camera by the director Adam Berg (brother of lead singer Joakim Berg). It features guitarist Harri Mänty as he travels to Las Vegas to gamble the entire video budget of 300,000 kronor (roughly 50,000 USD) on the roulette. He puts the money on black, and wins. In the end of the video he rides away in a limousine, cheering and sipping champagne. Afterwards, the profits were donated to Barncancerfonden, a fund for children with cancer.


Track listing[edit]

CD Single, CDM, BMG cat. no. 82876693112[edit]

  1. Palace & Main (4:05)
  2. Nihilisten (4:11) (The Nihilist)
  3. Alla Mot Alla (5:06) (Everyone Against Everyone)

Promo CD, CDS, BMG cat. no. 82876696622[edit]

  1. Palace & Main

Chart positions[edit]

  • #1 Sweden
  • #5 Finland

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