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Palace intertitle.jpg
Palace intertitle
Also known as Palace: The Locked Heart Jade
Genre Historical fiction, science fiction, romance
Developed by HBS
Written by Yu Zheng
Directed by Lee Wai-chu,
Jiang Guangtao (voice director)
Starring Yang Mi
Feng Shaofeng
Mickey He
Theme music composer Tan Xuan
Opening theme Ai De Gongyang (爱的供养) performed by Mickey He and Xiang Ying (episodes 1–20),
performed by Yang Mi (episodes 21–35)
Ending theme Jian Huo Bu Jian (见或不见) performed by Mickey He
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 35 (39)(Hunan TV first broadcast the version of 39 episodes, not the general version of 35)
Executive producer(s) Hunan ETV Culture Media Co., Ltd.
Producer(s) Yu Zheng
He Jin
Location(s) Dongyang, Zhejiang (as "present-day" in the story), Hengdian World Studios, Zhejiang (as "Qing Dynasty" in the story)
Running time 45 minutes (per episode)
Production company(s) Yu Zheng Workshop
Original network Hunan Television
Original release 31 January 2011
Preceded by Fall in Love
Followed by The Temption of Home
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Official poster
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Palace: The Locked Heart Jade
Traditional Chinese 宮鎖心玉
Simplified Chinese 宫锁心玉

Palace, also known as Gong, Gong Suo Xin Yu, and Palace: The Locked Heart Jade, is a Chinese television series produced by Yu Zheng; starring Yang Mi, Feng Shaofeng and Mickey He. The series was directed by Lee Wai-chu and starred cast members from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The series was first broadcast on Hunan TV in China in 2011. It is later followed by Palace 2.


Luo Qingchuan (Yang Mi) is a girl from the 21st century. One day she accidentally travels through time and ends up returning to the Qing Dynasty, during the reign of the Kangxi Emperor. She becomes embroiled in the princes' struggle for the throne and is torn between her love for Yin Si (Feng Shaofeng), the eighth prince, and Yin Zhen (Mickey He), the fourth prince and future Emperor Yong Zheng. Caught in the crossfire of political intrigue, her wit and historical knowledge serves her well in her bid to stay alive as she begins to realize that true history is much darker and uglier than books portray.


Main Cast[edit]

Supporting Cast[edit]

The Imperial Man[edit]

The Imperial Women[edit]

People of the Palace[edit]

  • Shen Baoping as Longkodo
  • Wilson Guo as Xiao Shunzi
  • Lu Jiarong as Fei Cui
  • Ye Simiao as Jin Momo
  • Liu Jiayuan as Xin Lian
  • Lu Yi as Ying Shuang
  • Yuan Shanshan as Ru Bing


  • Xi Xue as Princess Ningxiang
  • He Xianda as Suo E'Tu
  • Wang Xianghong as Gu Xiaochun (later Nian Gengyao)
  • Li Qindong as Nian Gengyao

Present Day[edit]

  • Yan Kuan as Lin Feifan
  • Liu Fang as Qingchuan's mother
  • Zhu Yaying as Lin Feifan's mother

Historical Inaccuracies[edit]

  • One historical inaccuracy is that although this is a historical drama, the protagonist Luo Qingchuan was shown wearing yellow even when she was not a member of the imperial household. It is a very serious inaccuracy because in Imperial China, such a disregard could have someone put to death by the Emperor for not respecting this custom.


Palace won the top four newcomer awards at the 2011 New Forces Grand Ceremony (2011新势力盛典).[1]

International broadcast[edit]

Country Network(s)/Station(s) Series premiere Title
 Thailand Mono29 April 29, 2014 เจาะเวลาตามหัวใจ (Jor Wela Tamha Huajai, literally: Back to the Heart[2])

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