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Palace Cinemas in Novy Smichov shopping centre, Prague.

Palace Cinemas is a central European cinema chain (22 sites with 185 screens) with multiplex cinemas in the Czech Republic (8 theatres), Slovakia (3 theatres) and Hungary (11 theaters). Originally Palace Cinemas was a joint venture of United Cinemas International (UCI), now it is fully owned by ARGUS Capital Partners L.P.

Founded in 1999 together with two experienced media entrepreneurs, Palace has grown into the regional leader by developing its own high quality sites as well as through market consolidation, having made major acquisitions of its competitors in 2002, 2005 and 2006.[1]

In Slovakia Palace Cinemas operates multiplex cinemas in the capital city Bratislava in Aupark Shopping Center (12 screens), Polus City Center (8 screens) and Eurovea Galleria (9 screens).

Palace Cinemas Aupark has 12 screens and a total capacity of 2,338 seats. By the number of seats it is the 5th largest site of the Palace Cinemas chain. Screens #4 (275 seats), #9 (205 seats) and #10 (140 seats) are digital. Screens #4 and #9 are used for 3D-projections (MasterImage).[2]


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