Palace Modello

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Palace Modello
Palace Modello in Rijeka (City Library) Croatia.JPG
Facade of Palace Modello from Porto street, Rijeca.
Addressbetween Porto and Korzo streets
OwnerRepublic of Croatia
City of Rijeka
TypeBank buildings from beginning
ArchitectBuro Fellner & Helmer

Palace Modello (Croatian: Palača Modello; Italian: Palazzo Modello) was built in 1885 in Rijeka, Croatia, on the place of the destroyed and demolished Adamichev (Croatian: Adamićev) theater.[1]

Facade of Palace Modello overlooks Porto street. Rijeka, 19th century.
View of Palace Modello from Korzo street. Rijeka, February 2008.
The facade of the Palace Modello from Porto street. Rijeka.

The palace was designed by the Viennese buro Fellner & Helmer led by Ferdinand Fellner and Herman Helmer.[1] Building commenced in 1883 and completed in 1885.

One of the entrances in the palace.
View of Rijeka roofs from Trsat. Palace Modello in the center.

The palace was built for the Rijeka Bank and cashboxes of the Savings Banks. The Palace Modello has luxurious facade. It is rich in decorative elements in the style of the late renaissance and baroque. Decorative items were maden by the sculptor Ignazio Donegani.[1]

Modelo Palace is situated within sight of the Croatian National Theatre in honor Ivan Zajc, which was built in 1885 by the Buro Fellner & Helmer to replace the destroyed Adamichev theater.[1][2]

Attractive gala hall, which is now an audience of Italian Cultural Club (Italian: Comunità degli italiani di Fiume), decorated with magnificent stucco.[1]

The public library of Rijeka city is currently operating on the ground floor.[1]


Coordinates: 45°19′31″N 14°26′37″E / 45.3253°N 14.4436°E / 45.3253; 14.4436