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Palace of Longoria
Native name
Spanish: Palacio de Longoria
Palacio Longoria (Madrid) 16.jpg
LocationMadrid, Spain
Coordinates40°25′31″N 3°41′48″W / 40.425395°N 3.69657°W / 40.425395; -3.69657Coordinates: 40°25′31″N 3°41′48″W / 40.425395°N 3.69657°W / 40.425395; -3.69657
ArchitectJosé Grases Riera
Architectural style(s)Art Nouveau
Official name: Palacio Longoria
Reference no.RI-51-0009569
Longoria Palace is located in Spain
Longoria Palace
Location of Palace of Longoria in Spain

The Palace of Longoria (Spanish: Palacio de Longoria) is an Art Nouveau palace that the politician and financier Francisco Javier González Longoria ordered to be built in the district of Chueca, at the corner of Fernando VI and Pelayo streets, in the city of Madrid, Spain. Together with the House of Gallardo (Spanish: Casa Gallardo) in the Plaza de España, it is Madrid's most notable example of modernist architecture.

Longoria contracted the Catalán architect José Grases Riera to design and build it in 1902.It was declared Bien de Interés Cultural in 1996[citation needed] and is currently the headquarters of the Spanish General Society of Authors and Editors (Spanish: Sociedad General de Autores y Editores SGAE).

Detail: a palace balcony


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