Palace of Yashbak

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Palace of Yashbak (also known as the Palace of Amir Qawsoun), in Medieval Cairo, Egypt is the ruin backing on to the rear of the garden of the tomb of Hasan Sadaq, the main entrance was found by climbing over a pile of Rubble off Manah Al-Waqf Street, which is parallel to Suyufiyya Street, which is behind the Madrasa of Sultan Hassan. the ruined palace itself is considered one of the most beautiful sites in Cairo.

The Palace was built between 1330 and 1337 by Emir Qusun Yashbak, a cup bearer to Sultan Mohammed Ibn Qalawun, and added to by successors. It is the only surviving structure in a royal quarter that once spread down from the Citadel towards the Nile, and though two thirds destroyed still gives some idea of Mamluk grandeur.

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