Palace of the National Military Circle

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Palace of the National Military Circle
Cercul Militar Național
Palacio del Círculo Nacional Militar, Bucarest, Rumanía, 2016-05-29, DD 66.jpg
General information
Architectural styleFrench neoclassic
Town or cityBucharest
Country Romania
Coordinates44°26′06″N 26°05′53″E / 44.4350033°N 26.0979617°E / 44.4350033; 26.0979617
Construction started1911
Design and construction
ArchitectDimitrie Maimarolu

The Palace of the National Military Circle, also known as the Officers' Circle Palace (Romanian:Cercul Militar Național) is located on Constantin Mile street in Bucharest, Romania. It was built in 1911 by architect Dimitrie Maimarolu using French neoclassical style. The beneficiary was the Officers' Circle of the Bucharest military garrison, which was founded in 1876. [1][2]

The palace was built on the site of the old Sărindar monastery; the fountain in front of the palace bears its name. [3]

During the 1919 German occupation of Bucharest in the First World War, the building's interiors were devastated. After the end of the war, the palace was officially inaugurated in 1923. [4] During the communist period, the name was replaced with "Central House of the Army" (Casa Centrală a Armatei). In 1989, it was renamed the "National Military Circle" (Cercul Militar Național).

Today, the National Military Circle is considered a historic and architectural monument. It represents the central cultural institution of the Romanian army and it is also used for various cultural events and for representation and protocol purposes. The restaurant and the terrace are open to the public.



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