Palacio de los Deportes (Heredia)

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Palacio de los Deportes (English language:Palace of Sports) is an indoor arena with capacity for 7,500 persons located in Heredia, Costa Rica.

The arena regularly hosts local events such as sporting events, concerts, and trade shows.

In 2004, the arena hosted the CONCACAF Futsal Championship. It was built in 1989.

Services that the Palacio de los Deportes offers:

  • Gym
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Soccer camp
  • Concerts
  • Matches[1]

Notable events[edit]


National events


  • Hosted the CONCACAF Futsal Championship.
  • Home of Ferreteria Brenes-Barva Costa Rican 1st Division Basketball Team


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Coordinates: 9°59′57″N 84°07′20″W / 9.999154°N 84.122131°W / 9.999154; -84.122131