Palais des Sports de Beaublanc

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Palais de Sports de Beaublanc
Palais des sports de Beaublanc.JPG
Location Limoges, France
Capacity 6,500
Opened 1981
Limoges CSP

Palais de Sports de Beaublanc is an indoor sporting arena that is located in Limoges, France. The capacity of the arena is for 6,500 people and it was opened in the summer of 1981.[1] It is currently home to the French Pro A League basketball club Limoges CSP. The Palais des Sports Beaublanc (Bosc White in Occitan) is located in the sports park of the city of Limoges. The arena is known for its very characteristic shaped, and in particular, made out of oak roof.


The arena was built in 1981, thanks to Mr. Xavier Popelier, and Mr, Albert Chaminade, with a mandate from French Basketball Albert Chaminade working together his project asked the Mayor Louis Longequeue it can confirm to cover the Sports Palace with this wave form that gives it to other rooms and hosts a style from the club Basketball CSP Limoges, but also various sporting events (Davis Cup, Fed Cup tennis, basketball matches and female handball).

It was the largest arena in French basketball, until the construction in 1991, of the Palais des Sports de Pau, Beaublanc hosted in 1987, the first All-Star Game LNB. It was also the scene of the European Korac Cup final move in 2000 won by CSP Limoges face Malaga 80-58. During the final 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1998, 2000 and 2014 the championship of France, a match took place in at least Beaublanc.

Until 2007 and the opening of Limoges Concert Hall, he welcomed most major concerts.

Died in 2009 Albert Chaminade is the only person who has never rests near the Palais des Sports and the sports fields Beaublanc it is on the sports stele in memory of the sports hall sports park he was himself.


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