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Palanati Brahmanaidu (12th-century ) was the minister in a small Andhra kingdom of Palnadu (part of present Guntur district). He was responsible for the administration of Palnadu ruled by Haihaya King Nalagama. He tried to usher in a new era in which caste distinctions would be abolished. Differences in ideology and court conspiracies led to Brahma Naidu leaving with his supporters, from the court of Gurajala ruled by Nalagamaraju. Nalagama's half brother Malideva established a kingdom with the support of Brahmanaidu at Macherla.[citation needed]

The Battle of Palnadu[edit]

The Battle of Palnadu (Palnati Yudham) was immortalized in Telugu literature by the poet Srinatha in his 'Palnati Vira Charita'. The only other scholarly book on the subject was written by Gene Roghair titled "Epic of Palnadu: Study and Translation of Palnati Virula Katha, a Telugu Oral Tradition from Andhra Pradesh". This war was very important in the social history of Andhra Pradesh. It was a battle between two factions of the Palanati Haihayas.[citation needed]

In popular culture[edit]


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